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The applications are very close in functionality now, so the biggest difference is that the Mac guide has all Mac screenshots and the Windows edition has all windows screenshots. So if you have both platforms, you really could make due with one edition or the other just fine.

Is this the same guide as the PDF in the Help menu? Many people find a book much handier than a PDF. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. See more of Family Tree Maker on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Related Pages.

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Family Tree Maker. OK, well maybe just this o The tens of thousands of loyal Family Book Creator fans of Stefan Harms' excellent plugin for Family Tree Maker will extol its virtues for as long as you are willing to sit still and listen. This can be very helpful for urgent issues or those that would be easier as a discussion than an email exchange.

Facebook Group. There are excellent unofficial but very active Facebook groups which you might want to consider joining. They have many very experienced users who are generous in sharing their time and wisdom to help other users solve problems and learn new tricks. Replacement Copies. We have set up an online Replacement Center which is always open.

The Center provides free replacements for those with FTM or Mac 3 and later, and discounted upgrade replacements for older editions. Posted by Cousin Russ at 8: Thanks for catching that. Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 does indeed allow one to record source quality. For others in UK, I find that Amazon. It lists all places along with who had an event there. Thanks Roger- I had not found those. So do you use Reunion or FTM? If Reunion, why are you staying with it?

Family Tree Maker 2017: Getting Started and Taking a Look Around

I am so stressing over a change. I have very extensive trees on Ancestry. Even if I do that I am quite unlikely to enter any data on Ancestry. If Ancestry does turn up stuff, I enter it directly into Reunion. Just checked Amazon. I just wish it would hurry up and get released. Anyone in the US have their copy yet? Hi dose FTM for mac 2 have the free 6 mouth subscription on ancestry. My mother wants to start using Ancestry. I was going to get her 6 months of the world explorer. Good deal if you get the free 6 months. But Will it work with the world explorer too.

Thats if FTM mac 2 even has the free 6 months. Did not see anything in the distraction of the software. Thank you for your time Eric. FTM for Mac 2 is now shipping from the Ancestry. Thanks for the updates. I am eager to get my copy, and hope that the extra time Ancestry took means bug free! You might give Ancestry a call and ask. Good luck — hope it works out for you. Just got my upgrade disk in a flat paper mailer- it does offer a day subscription if you register the software, which is evidently required to access Ancestry.

Ancestry World Deluxe subscription- yes, it is very expensive, and I have not found anything useful even though I know where folks came from in England, Ireland, and Germany. It does give hundreds of search hits even though you state in a search that you are looking in a particular US state, and it takes a lot of time to go through the overseas ones that do not apply at all.

Ancestry needs to fix that. I was going to discontinue the World part of my subscription because of this, but to do so you have to cancel completely and then start a new subscription.

I was afraid to do that and possibly lose my contacts through ancestry etc. Also, they let me know about 1 month before my subscription was to renew, and though I put it on my calendar, I missed the window. I have had more success with FamilySearch for the European records. So excited to install the new FTM for Mac2, but installation has failed multiple times on my new iMac: Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. There is no phone or website listed on the minimal packaging received with disk. I went to Ancestry. It may be an authorization problem between FTM and Mac from what my computer info says, but???

Anyone else having this problem? I got the upgrade FTM said that would work ok but have the previous Windows 16 version and am running Lion on the 1-month old loaded iMac. My thoughts thus far are to save your money and not buy this…. OK, belay my last… After looking around in the Ancestry.

After trying a number of things Tech Support asked if there was a scratch on the disk and there was, despite going right from the package to the disk drive. They are sending me a new disk. Tech Support did say there is no difference in the upgrade or non-upgrade, except the price- the disk is the same. There is a migration utility included for migrating any trees from previous versions of FTM including the Windows versions prior to I received my FTMM-2 disk today and the installation went well.

I would just advise that if you have already set up a genealogy folder and subfolders, watch where it is putting itself — it defaults to putting the Family Tree Maker folder directly in the Documents folder. I was migrating an. The Mac folder shows up as a psf Parallels shared file network drive under Computer C drive in Windows, at least the way mine is configured. However, the tree is not automatically showing up in the FTMM-2 start page, so I apparently need to import it from the.

I have two related questions.

Family Tree Maker User: Family Tree Maker - GETTING TECHNICAL SUPPORT

I would like to avoid cutting the umbilical cord between FTM and ancestry. My second question is this: I noticed that the file that was created on the Mac has exactly the same name as on Windows except for the extension. In other words, if I migrate it back to Windows, will FTM treat it as a totally new tree or just a new version of the original tree? Then, what happens if I go to sync that Windows tree with the linked tree on Ancestry?

Perhaps I am not understanding the process well. Thanks in advance for any insights from all of you whizzes out there who help the rest of us out. It found the file immediately without me having to go look for it, which was nice. Remarkably, almost everything that was in FTM appears to be there, all the people, sources, citations, notes etc, even my task list. I went looking for the very helpful Find Missing Media command. FTMM-2 was not able to find the missing item automatically. Maybe you have to let the program put the stuff where it wants to, but I would rather corral it where I want it.

Tana Pederson in the companion guide suggests migrating a backup file instead of the regular family tree file from FTM if there is a problem getting media, so I will try this at a later date and see what I get. However, if you double click on the buttons, you will see tiny bars with tiny triangles on the right side of the workspace buttons. If you click on these, the submenus open up. The submenus in the various workspaces are limited compared FTM One last observation, kind of amusing: Her husband, on the other hand, was born in Talk about a May-December marriage! I am very disappointed in FTMM2.

There is very little new or different about it from the first version….. But, my biggest problem with it is that it crashes….. I have many, many apps on my computer of all kinds and NONE of them require me to run them from within a different User account. Kathy, thanks for the info. Robert ……. I really do wish I could give it a better review. I wanted to. I have the first version from last year or so and although it needed some improvements that I hoped would be addressed in version 2, it was a pretty good program.

To me, it feels like Ancestry just added the tree sync feature and the full screen view for Lion and they think that is enough for a second version. Ben, how about chiming in here? We all value your opinion. Hi, Kathy. There is also no need to fix the gedcom to locate your media items as this has been fixed. Is the program perfect? Heck no but it is getting close. For those who are not happy please for the love of all that is holy return it for a refund and quit complaining already.

Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 Australia/New Zealand Edition has Arrived!!

But, others such as myself, have had major problems with this new version. If I was on the fence about whether or not to purchase this program, I would appreciate being informed as to any problems with it……or not, as the case may be. I am personally disappointed that they were so few and, in my opinion, mostly not high priority issues.