Cannot right click on my mac

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Right click not working since Mojave upda… - Apple Community

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How to turn on 'right click' on a MacBook

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right click on mouse will not work

Jun 2, 1 0 4, 0. Aug 15, 2, 0 22, Is it the single button touch mouse? To right click you need to have nothing touching the surface apart from your finger on the right side. For example, if your finger is resting on the left side of the mouse, any click will be registered as a left click, regardless of where you press.

How to Enable a Literal Right-Click in Mac OS X

There are actually little videos that show you how it works. JustSomeJoe Distinguished.

Oct 8, 0 19, You must log in or register to reply here. Link at versiontracker. NickFro Actually I have a lot of friends who are new mac users and had no idea that you could do this since Apple has it disabled by default.

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Sometimes I think we take stuff like this for granted. Good to know.

Solved: double click refuses to work

Control-Click is a two-hand operation. Useless comment day, huh? The two-finger tips are for multitouch trackpad MacBooks. Slow news day, huh?