How to auto archive in outlook 2011 for mac

How to Archive Email in Outlook 2011 for Mac

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How to configure Auto-archive with Outlook 2011

BenSF Oct 25, at Have you guys come across this problem? Thanks, Ben.

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Arb7 Sep 5, at BenSF Sep 5, at Mitchal Oct 4, at Hi Ben, How did the script go? I need a similar solution for my CEO.

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Cheers, Mitch. Arb7 Oct 9, at Rename the folder if desired, and drag it up to the On My Computer heading to move it from being a subfolder of the Inbox.

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If needed see help with determining which heading indicates folders that are on the mail server. Click and hold on a selected message, then drag it to the desired folder under the On My Computer heading in the folder list on the left. By default, dragging messages will copy instead of moving them so you may still need to delete the messages from the original folder.

Outlook 2011 for Mac Basics

To skip this step you right-click on a message, select Move and indicate the desired folder on your computer. The picture below shows 4 selected messages being dragged from the Inbox folder of an account called Columbia 1 to the Inbox folder under On My Computer. Set Up an Archive Using Rules Setting up a rule allows you to move messages that fit a certain criteria, such as their age, to another location such as the On My Computer folders. Rules in Outlook for Mac are only run when a new message comes in.

Due to this, a rule based on a message's age will NOT automatically archive old messages, however you can set up the rule and run it when needed to perform a quick, bulk move of old messages.

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With Outlook open, select Tools from the uppermost menu, then Rules from the drop down that appears. In the Rule Name field of the next window, type in a description for the rule you are creating.

How to Archive Email in Outlook for Mac

This will appear in the Outlook Rules window shown above if you need to review, modify or delete it in the future. Set additional criteria for the rule. To have all messages that are older than days approximately 6 months moved from your account on the server to your Inbox on the computer, select the following: In the When a new message arrives: In the Do the following: You may not actually want that if you want a local archive. To guarantee you're looking in the local storage, you use "on my computer" So the basics of what you want is:.

Note that you want to specify mail folder, since on my computer can have multiple folder types.

Auto-archiving in Outlook for Mac

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Join the conversation. Learn more about Jamf. Hello Jamf Nation, I wanted to as if anybody has a script, that can be used to autoarchive Emails in Outlook for Mac. Do you have any suggestions if it is possible somehow like this?: