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I hired them to build and promote placement of my website in January , it is May and the site just went live. It has been a nightmare from start to finish. They mixed up the content so the pages no longer made sense, none of the links, including the one to click for my company phone number, work, they have a customer inquiry form that goenowherere, they lost some of my content, including my customer reviews and the format does not conform to mobile devices, which was my primary reason for using their service.

And, I have been paying for thnon existentnt service for 4 months. I plan to file a complaint with the BBB. I joined homestead 6 years ago had most of my Business on homestead… Its just the uploading time of homestead is a secs, Can you believe it. When you call support, They say its amazing, All good,. Since homestead was bought by NetFirms it has been going down literally I will never , Ever recommend them….

New Software is massively slow, application is very heavy, uploading time seriously damages……when homestead was with inuit we saw amazing results, good business for me, Now I have wasted so much money with these guys……And Then they were super late with Cell phone adaptation introducing new software in dec, while before We all were being penalise by google for not having cell phone sites, They used another 3rd party hosts for cell applications like duda, …which was a nightmare…..

Homestead Sucks! I do not recommend purchasing a domain name through Homestead Ever! I am a developer and I have spent many, many hours trying to gain access to a clients domain name through Homestead. Everytime I send in the information their compliance team requests, I receive the same confusing, generic email back. They do not respond with any real information and when I call them to find out the actual status, the customer service just regurgitates the same message.

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They do not explain what they have receive, whether it is sufficient or what else they need. Instead, customer service says that the compliance team is a different department and they have no control over them. I think their Business practices are despicable. And I thank the heavens above for GoDaddy. Homestead has an excellent and easy-to-use web building tool,regular site backups,detailed site reporting,product catalogs and shopping carts.

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Overall,Homestead is solid and reliable but could make a few modifications to their pricing plan. I have been with Homestead for almost 5 years. My Business has grown like crazy. Unfortunately Homestead has gotten worse and worse by the minute. It all started when they migrated a new server in last year. Since then it has been one bug after another,. Today my customers cannot even get on my site and there is no one there to help. I had a Domain with Homestead for several years. The website build was great. Easy to use templates and intuitive building process. After a bit I added a second e-mail address to separate a Business feature and then later another page these were slight cost increases.

I loved it! Then I got an overall cost increase and was not too happy about it but the service was good so I continued. I went ballistic and called Support but was told that because it was an "Abuse" issue I would have to contact the review team by e-mail only; no phone and not until Monday 3 days later. On Monday I sent e-mails from every Other e-mail account I had since the ones from my Domain would not work and finally got a reply. They said that I had "violated their Terms of Service" by offering firearms for sale. I have since found a firearms friendly host and have moved my Domain.

Good grief Mike, you certainly are hard on mother boards! Hopefully it will indeed help others. As for SiteBuilder Plus I can only nod in agreement with your comments. It makes me sad because desk top is such a fantastic tool for both beginning web masters and the more seasoned. I can only hope that the new management is as concerned about their long time clientele as they are new ones. There are dozens of online based website building programs out there that put Plus to shame and they are much cheaper. LOL, well not really a laughing matter but …… it is not that I am hard on mother boards, the problem was not being hard on mother boards as I also thought but could not figure out how I could be hard on them if I never moved them in any way ………..

I have never dropped a desktop computer or my laptops for the matter so I wondered how a crack could form on the mother board so I asked the techs …. I hope this will help many who are having problems as I had. I hated what happened to Homestead and left Intuit. If you, bring back the good stuff will come back, over 12 years I worked with that program until the mess they made of your good name. Ruth Chapel or Kirkpatrick, built many websites. Like so many of you I have been with Homestead for over 10 years, and have always been such a loyal customer that I would go nowhere else and I have recommended them a hundred times over.

I was left hung out to dry with work piling up from my customers and the tools to accomplish that work ripped out of my hands. I was going to send them a comment to the tune of what the hell happened, and then I searched to see if I was alone. I see I am certainly not alone. I am so disappointed. Appreciate your posting Sue and hope that things work out well for you. I am very concerned about losing Site Builder Desktop. I tried using the SB Plus with on my Mac, it was a disaster; time consuming and frustrating, with limited options.

I am really concerned about loosing the desktop sitebuilder, as my two websites are for a small charity in the UK. We cannot afford the big bucks web designer charge over in the UK so the price of the desk top site builder allows use to use a volunteer to design and build a descent website for a modest sum. I have been a member since the days when Homestead was free, back then a lot of free providers were closing down with out a word to their members who lost there websites over night, but Homestead consulted there members on how much we were prepared to pay each month to keep the service going.

A price was agreed and Homestead carried on as the CEO of the company really cared about the members of his company. Maybe if EI was to open up and talk to its fee-paying members and find out what they think about the two different site builders they might find the consensus is to close down the inferior web version to save money, and concentrate on keeping the desktop version going until some updates can be found at a later date.

Homestead sitebuilder is a great desktop program. Sorry that it is going the way of many other great desktop web builders. When Intuit bought Homestead sitebuilder it appears to have been only for additional retinue. This is based on the fact no updates or upgrades were ever made after Now that they gotten all that they can from it, they are dumping it off on a new server, who is making no promises. The current trend is online sitebuilders with less functions and even less customers control. Worse idea ever. I, too, have a problem with the switch.

The Sitebuilder Plus online is a huge mistake for Intuit. I have documented on my sitethe many problems thelifemanagementalliance. Nobody seems to respond — I wonder if the President of Intuit knows what a mistake this is — will this be a classic business school case booboo?!!! Thanks for setting up this site. Big mistake for Intuit. I wonder if the President of Intuit is fully aware of this potentially classic business case example of ruining a good thing. I hate to lose the excellent desktop version — and also have to move my sites somewhere else!

Keith, Intuit sold out to Endurance International earlier this year.

They are in the process of transitioning away from the Intuit branding, moving support back to the states and taking a look at the overall picture including the possibility of keeping the desktop version of SiteBuilder. No promises made, but the rhetoric is that they do seem to understand the value of desktop. I moved away from Intuit last November and what I trip had in rebuilding my site. The server I have now has a desktop sitebuilder, However, it is not as functional as Homestead Sitebuilder desktop.

If this Endurance International keeps the Homestead desktop sitebuilder and updates it, then I would consider returning to it. However, everything I have read here suggests that the situation with Homestead Sitebuilder desktop is still iffy. Glad you are following the posts and commenting. As I mentioned in my post below to Keith the two things that are in the works are support moving back to the states and the removal of Intuit branding. No promises on the future of desktop, but I was more optimistic after speaking with him.

Unlike Intuit I got the feeling that this will be a much more customer oriented leadership and they are listening to the input from desktop users. Homestead users need to keep speaking up — post here or on the Forum. No other sitebuilder even compares to the great functionality of it. It is a masterpiece! Are we being forced to change to Site Builder Plus? Well just look at this for a slap in the face, my friend was using Site Builder Light and as she was attempting to log in.

It looks very much like we are all going to be forced to use Sit Builder Plus whether we like it not. Members it is time we demand an end to this treatment. I am a charter member of Homestead I have been with Homestead when it was free and I have been very happy. I have built my business to over 70 web site customers and I pay Homestead every year a lot of money and I have threatened to pull all of my business.

My friend called Homestead and asked what is the reason she is being forced to use Software that is not what she is happy with. Well all I have to say about that is, update the software to keep up with the latest technology or get ready to close down and go out of business. I have commented on this site before about having to use Site Builder Plus ….. I hate it and I will not use it.

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What these people do not understand is that their customers have to be happy and use decent site building programs or this company will go out of business quicker then they can blink a eye …. It will not even come close to the desk top site builder. I thought for sure when someone took over things would change for the better and they would fix the desk top site builder, bring back some of the things they removed and add features that are up to date with todays needs on web pages as for instance … videos that can be watched on cell phones and android phones as well as linex formats … site builder has so many flaws it would take a whole page to list them and chat about them.

I can go on but talk gets us nowhere. I think I will call them tomorrow and discuss this issue with them in length for all the good it will do but I willget it off my chest …. Homestead is a just a name. When the original creators sold-out Site Builder was doomed. I left last November. I will definetly hold off building my welding site now with them, just in case I decide to dump my my account with Homestead.

The old site builder desktop version was much better and user friendly. Would I recomend Homested to a friend? No not now, unless they let us have the old desktop version back. They offer a clean install link but you must back-up your files. If they do away with site builder desktop I will close my accounts and and give my business to someone else. Ive been using desktop since Still no drop down menus, many features are gone. When will intuit be finalized and the new takeover make homestead even up to par with free sites that offer a landscape of new and up to date tools?

Intuit is out of the picture — has been for about a year. I had hoped that when EI took over that there might be some transparency in what their intentions were, etc. Silly me!! I feel like a mushroom. I also talk with the techs.. We will wait and see. I bailed. Switched to Wix. Got my customers moved, next up is my own site. But will you be able to make unlimited websites? My goal is to always design a website that my customers can make their own changes to.

The death of Site Builder took that away from me. And Wix is so much better anyway. Thanks Homestead for pushing me off the cliff! But converting back to desktop your changes still show up when published. Also most tools still work in plus from Desktop. Even the smooth type attribute.

I noticed when I had smooth text in desktop.. Then went over to Sitebuilder PLUS it showed these were not editable in text box …but had the tools on the side to choose a custom font. I know of many that have already left Homestead due to your poor choices and decisions. You can kiss me good bye as soon as I can find a site building program that I can trust again … You have lost my trust big time … Perhaps you should go on line and read what your customers are saying about Homestead these days … Maybe then you will start to listen to your customers but then again I doubt it … none of you will learn until you have completely destroyed Homestead ….

I called the other day to speak with my SEO and after about twenty minutes of waiting the phone went dead. Homestead should have left well enough alone. Wait 30 mins to talk to tech support since everything is a nightmare there.

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I lost a few pages with no restore possible. Had to redo and make a new site. Lost my status in search engines as well Lost all of my pictures. The new builder is horrible. Thanks but no thanks. I am furious after 12 years and now a disaster. I absolutely LOVE the desktop version, and have used it for many years! It gives me the ability to work on my site at my business, at home, or wherever I take my laptop.

Not only can I not easily see other pages, to compare them, but it limits what I can do while editing. All those of you who have used and loved the desktop software — make your voices heard! I was invited to switch to Plus maybe a year ago by customer support …told that eventually everyone would be on it. I opted to wait. Glad I did. Dec I also have the desktop sitebuilder and cannot believe how this new company has screwed it up so bad.

They also wiped out half my sites and no backup! If I try and bring different pictures stored on sitebuilder the whole program freezes up. What a mess! It was perfect! Happy New Year! I work between both the old favorite desktop version and also have to use Plus for those clients who were conned into using it. Desktop is still my preference hands down! Going to suggest you see if Tech Support can help you sort out some of your issues. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. RSS Feed. A little history: Bookmark the permalink.

As a Charter Member the Desktop program must stay to keep me using Homestead.. Friarparker May 23, at Edmondson June 30, at Barrie Morgan July 16, at 7: Barrie Morgan July 29, at 9: Again you may get someone in the Philippines Reply. Barrie Morgan August 3, at LMJ November 21, at 9: Is it time to start looking for a replacement platform, and if so, any ideas? Larry January 2, at 7: Susan Reply. Larry January 3, at 4: What page width do you have the pages set at? Larry January 3, at 7: Ron January 3, at 7: What is the Page Width setting? Page Properties, Basics.

Tim January 19, at Emily Tack February 9, at 7: Hi, love my destop version, too. Still working good for me.

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Use and create websites a lot. Tried to get service but HELP stopped at the point of my presenting a picture of when the site mover is stopping… Anybody having the same problem, or can you test it on your computer to see if your site mover works to completion without hanging? Barrie Morgan February 11, at Paul February 22, at Andre March 1, at 3: I am converting all of my sites to anothyer provider Reply. Pauline Tatevossian March 2, at 2: Hi Andre, May I ask what provider are you moving to?

Michael February 21, at BTW all the positive testimonials and reviews on the HS web site are about 10 years old. Tom Evans August 12, at 7: Pauline Tate August 13, at Pauline Tate August 13, at 4: Pauline Tate August 13, at 5: Best, Sue. I mean Sitebuilder Plus does not work as well as desktop sitebuilder, at least for me Reply.

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