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Focus helps you create your ideal environment with 1-click, so you can get high quality work done.

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Focus is the best way to block distracting websites and apps , get in the zone and finally become more productive. Improve the quality of your work Increase the value of your time Get more done Get in the flow Get peace of mind. Mac OS X Focus supports me full-time, thanks for supporting indie development!

I'm always trying to make Focus better, so please email any questions or suggestions to brad heyfocus. Enter your email below to receive a download link for Focus. You'll be able to begin your trial immediately and start improving your productivity! Website Blocker for Mac Focus is a distraction blocker that helps you improve your productivity Facebook? Focus is a Mac app that sits in your menu-bar and helps you find your zen. One click creates your optimal work environment. Getting Motivated to be Productive Getting back on track after you're distracted can be tricky, which is why Focus shows an inspirational quote to put you back in a productive mindset.

Put your Productivity on a Schedule Be more productive by scheduling your productivity ahead of time and building a habit. Schedule Mode is a Focus Professional feature. Unstoppable Productivity Sometimes procrastination creeps in and we need some extra help staying on task. Be careful, these modes once engaged cannot be stopped! Password Mode is a Focus Professional feature. Track Your Productivity Keep up with your productivity to ensure you're on track with Statistics.


Build a streak, and then keep it going! Hello Power Users! Scripting is a Focus Professional feature. Break mode After a long Focus session, take a break. Break mode is a Focus Professional feature.

One Block, All Browsers

Focus at work Focus supports all networks, including complex ones you may find at work like proxies or VPNs. Powerful Blocking Powerful URL Blocking allows you to block exactly what you want, from a page, to an entire website or the entire Internet itself. Privacy guaranteed Focus never sends your browsing data to our servers, everything is self-contained on your Mac. Rest easy knowing your privacy is safe. Focus can't force you to work and that's not its goal. When distractions pop-up, Focus is here to block them and set you back on track! Watch a quick video on how Focus works.

A free Mac application to help you avoid distracting websites.

People who use Focus love it Here are some of the nice things they've said: Improve the quality of your work Increase the value of your time Get more done Get in the flow Get peace of mind Download Focus. Made by Brad Jasper. New Cold Turkey Blocker v3. Other website blockers are too easy to cheat.

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  6. That's why you'll love Cold Turkey. By default, when you start a block, there's no going back. Although you can block websites like YouTube and Facebook, you can also block the entire Internet. You can even block applications and lock yourself out of your computer. Not looking to go completely Cold Turkey? No problem. Just add pomodoro breaks or a daily time limit to help you stay focused.

    8 Website Blockers For Studying, Productivity, & Focus | Freedom Matters

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