Evga geforce gtx 680 mac pro edition 2048mb gddr5

It was literally plug and play.

Best wishes to your entire team for outstanding service and products. Rendering playback from PP or AE is quick and smooth. Installation was a snap. Directions in the box were a little misleading but no big deal. Before you remove your old graphics card, be sure you go to the EVGA website and download the most recent driver and install it. Rated 4 out of 5 by Richard C. Just plug it into the Mac Pro, load up the drivers from the CD, reboot the machine and a great sense of relief is felt as the Mac boots right into OSX I am not using this for gaming so I can't comment on game acceleration.


I'm running Creatice Cloud. I can't identify if it is rendering any faster because I'm also just switching from Final Cut 7 to Primere Pro so its hard to judge wit so many variables introduced.

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What made me decide to get this card is that my wife's video card in her first generation MacPro failed so I removed the HD card from my MacPro to fix her's and since I was without a card I wanted something that would be a significant upgrade. Rated 5 out of 5 by EditHouse from Keep your old Mac Pro current I've had the card for a week now and have had no issues with it.

Frankentosh - Upgrade Old Mac Pro with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

The acceleration in Premiere makes the application fly with multiple tracks and effects. Installation was a breeze, and support for four monitors is a huge plus. There are probably PC cards now that are cheaper or more powerful, but as a professional who needs a system without failure, I went with the Mac edition card for zero headaches and a quick installation in a Mac Pro 5,1 running For the card and CUDA drivers, I downloaded the previous 4 releases and picked one of the older ones just to be safe, and it works fine.

My thought was I can always upgrade to more current driver in the event an earlier version did not function properly. It is powerful, but the PC version is cheaper, but the Mac won't run it. Rated 5 out of 5 by adamcloud from just awesome!

EVGA - Product Specs - EVGA GeForce GTX Mac Edition

For more details please visit http: This card delivers truly game-changing performance that taps into the powerful new GeForce architecture to redefine smooth, seamless, lifelike gaming. It offers brand new, never before seen features that will redefine the way you think about performance graphics cards.

Expect more from your graphics card that just state-of-the-art features and technology; get faster, smoother and a richer gaming experience with the EVGA GeForce GTX Learn more here. Full desktop gaming pc. At a low price! This is a very clean built gaming pc.

EVGA NVIDIA GTX 680 2GB Cuda Video Card for Apple Mac Pro

Enjoy the Solid state drive speed and usb 3. Computer powerful enough to run a triple screen workstation. Comes with a 22in monitor, keyboard, mouse and all the necessary wiring. I am the original owner. Its been cleaned every few months, thermal pastes were replaced every Gaming Pc with Monitor. Price is negotiable and I am willing to do trades. For trades I would be looking for an iPad pro with apple pencil and some cash. I bought it when it was on a 1 day sale on amazon with amazon prime.

Must be able to pick up in Mississauga, Location is at dreamcreast Tags Ignore Graphic card, gtx Fortnite, Skyrim, Etc. The reason for the sale being I purchased a replacement card and no longer have a use for it. It would be a great gift for a budget gamer. It can run all modern games.