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Lastly, when considering the appearance of a device, remember that svelte, unassuming NAS devices might look the best, but they typically lack the options for expandable storage that their bulkier brothers possess. Suffice to say that strong networks are essential in business — but equally essential is their ability to grow and scale, and scaling is as much to do with the security of data as it is total terabytes on a network. NAS in RAID are also used to address disk fault tolerance — knowing that if a disk fails, its data is preserved on a second disk — and performance, with additional drives to assist in data retrieval operations.

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File sharing and access is important to every business. Coordinated projects that require multiple users to work from a single file, for example, are common in creative and marketing organizations. NAS file sharing is a much more convenient, secure, and practical than juggling files over email or the cloud.

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Not only do on-premise users have access, but remote users share equal access to essential files. NAS are also easy to manage. USBs both 2. For ethernet, a minimum of a pair of gigabit ethernet ports or 10 GB on high-end models is recommended, which can be configured to work in tandem to improve performance, bandwidth capacity, and failover i. More than anything, NAS is a cost-effective solution for data redundancy and backup, eliminating the need for elaborate and expensive network servers or on-hand network technicians.

Form factor usually relates to two essential factors: When considering the cost, read the fine print of each device to see whether the device is shipped with hard drive disks pre-installed or whether hard disks need to be purchased separately. Most devices offer enterprise support in the form of user account management, while higher end models may feature an onboard FTP service for greater file sharing flexibility.

Their models are enormously popular with Mac users, especially video editors and designers, because of their ease of integration, customizable storage capability, and functionality. Several versions are available, each offering with different number of drive bays — from two with 20TB of storage at 10TB a piece to eight and more. Now you can access your files anytime, anywhere from any device, securely. Never run out of capacity! QNAP offers expansion units that enable you to expand as you go. No more dedicating external hard drives for your Time Machine backups. It does not get easier.

NAS roundup: Best network attached storage options for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users

You won't lose or miss any bit of data backup at an offsite location. Ever have the trouble of sending large projects to clients, friends or family due to file size restriction or security issues?

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With QNAP Qsync, your files can sync across different platforms and you can easily manage and edit files on your NAS remotely just like what you do locally. QNAP mobile apps allow you to manage, share, view, and enjoy your files on your mobile devices including your iPhone and iPad. It acts as a home server which lets you centralize, backup and restore. Free up space on your Mac for your important files and projects. It's a bit different when you're talking about wireless connections because then all of your wireless devices are sharing the same bandwidth, so the connection speed will also be affected by any other wireless devices that are communicating at the same time.

This is how wired connections used to be in the past but nowadays each wired connection is usually if not always handled separately by the switch. I use the term "switch" because that's the piece of technology that manages the connections inside your home network. The router is the technology that manages any connections going in and out of your network i. For home use, nearly all routers also include a switch - basically, if they have more than one Ethernet port for your home network, then they include a switch.

Can Synology NAS, Windows & Mac all co-exist in perfect harmony?

Thanks x 1 List. Mar 19, at 4: Just re-reading maybe I'm not being clear I guess its easier if 1. ITunes is used on both machines 2. NAS is wired via switch to iMac so fine for its version of iTunes to look to files including library files?

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The Laptop I want to have a copy of the files, that can then be sync'd via Supersync. Mar 20, at 8: Hillskill , Mar 20, Mar 10, Messages: Somewhere being wrong but staying strong Ratings: Mar 21, at 9: Would you recommend copying the music files to the imac hard disk through a n automatic sync or will itunes run ok with itunes looking to the NAS for the files - in the past I found it slowed itunes down with the files actually located on the external HDD Cheers.

Mar 21, at SMB also called CIFS is a network communications protocol for accessing files mosty - it can also "do" printers on one host from another. Disc format is something else and have a different bunch of acronyms. CD's and similar optical media have their own formats. Some platforms let you choose.


Some don't. And of course thence there's no reason why manufacturer's couldn't invent something of their own design. Mar 21, at 3: Thanks again!

Mar 21, at 4: The format of the volumes on the NAS doesn't matter because your networked clients are accessing the data on a file by file basis so they don't need to have any regard to how the files are actually stored on the discs. But to avail our fleet of Mac's we bind up an extra networking protocol on the servers, ie AFP, because Mac's find that easier.