G tom mac cry little sister meaning

They recorded it and the first time I heard it it was a transcending experience. It was blissful.

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It was being a part of something I thought was just amazing. It was amazing to be a part of it. The rewards that always come along with are always gratifying. What was your inspiration while writing that? Joel Schumacher sent it to me and wanted me to take a go at writing the theme song. I got the script. I was in New York. I got up one morning and started working on coming up with some ideas.

I had probably gone 16, 18 movies by then and I had always had gotten the chance to look at the film to get a vibe. He sent the script to me to see if I could get a vibe.

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  6. I did. That and the combination of walking the streets of New York one night and just getting ideas. I went up to my studio and just sort of all became clear to me.

    G Tom Mac - "Cry Little Sister - Live"

    The sort of gothic backdrop of New York and what I had read from the script which was an amazing, cool script to have read. Joel loved what I created. It was interesting just to watch the film with the music in it. The film was completely not what I expected. What was in my hear while I was creating the music was completely different. Yeah, here we are thirty years later.

    I would never have imagined that of that song to go so far.


    “Thou Shall Not Fall…” The Legend G Tom Mac | Encyclopedia Psychotika

    There are fans that come to my shows that have never seen the movie but know the song. Ludacris did a version, Eminem of course. It has crossed over genres, over every demographic. It was an idea from HBO at the time. I did a swampy, bluegrass version. We shot a video for that. It was interesting, there were fans who loved it and there were fans who hated that version. I thought it was kind of fun to do. They asked if I would just do a music video to have on the DVD. Of course, the original will always be my favorite.

    When I did that version I was imagining that I was deep in the South. I wanted to dig deeper into the characters and give everybody a backstory and how they all came together and how they became vampires. David is the most important vampire which Keifer Southerland played so well in the movie. Despite appearing on the soundtrack to The Lost Boys , the song's lyrics do not specifically reference vampires , as it was composed before McMahon had seen any footage from the film.

    After hearing the track, director Joel Schumacher commented: I can't believe you wrote this without seeing a frame of film!


    McMahon additionally explained: I didn't want the song to be specific to the vampire. I wanted it to be about the longing for family from a rejected youth's perspective, which I went through myself and that many of us have felt. The track has been remixed on multiple occasions. The latter version mashed the original recording with elements of the remix. The Tribe DVD in A blues -inspired acoustic rendition was released as a non-album single in , subtitled the "Blood Swamp Version". Devil May Cry video game. Marilyn Manson released a cover version of the song on June 15, According to Rolling Stone , the eponymous vocalist opted to release the song as originally planned, "rather than keeping [it] under wraps for another year".

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    Cry Little Sister

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