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I am almost positive that you all know how to drive cars, so again I won't bother explaining. Not much tips for this section I'm afraid, but if anyone has any, please tell me. Shooting - San Andreas has a new shooting system which allows you to see how much health an enemy has and to switch targets quickly without letting go of aim. When you are shooting at someone or something, their colour will go from light to dark. If a person has a green target, they have full health, and red means that they are nearly dead; all the other colours are obvious.

Also, the best way to shoot is to hold R1 and when one person is dead, press R2 to aim at the next target on your right, and L2 for the next target on your left. This can be a very helpful and useful technique when you are shooting against a very large group. Gangs There maybe some spoilers in this section - The gangs of San Andreas are not friendly people, and you need to know how to protect yourself from them. The Ballas dressed in purple are your rival gang, and if you are caught in their territory they will try their very best to kill you.

There are many other gangs in the game, but they all have the same routine of going around in groups smoking and causing trouble with the police. If a gang starts shooting at you, the police usually shoot back at the gang, but if you shoot back while the police are there they will just go for you. You need a lot of respect in the game to survive, and only because the more respect you have, the more men you can use as bodyguards. You learn this trick later on in Los Santos, but I think you can use it whenever you want.

When you have more than a little of respect, go up to a Grove Street member someone dressed in greeen and target them and press up on the D-pad. They will follow you around and shoot anyone you lock on to, and will do drive-by's when you pass other gang members in the car.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – FAQ/Walkthrough

You can use the left and right buttons to reply positively or negatively, or you can just run away. Fighting the gang would be the worse thing to do if you have little muscle, so only really fight if you have a lot of muscle. All over the map there are different colours you won't know what I'm on about if you've just strated the game , but green Grove Street , purple Ballas and yellow Vagos are the main territories. Your gang owns the green part of the map, and you can take over new territories by entering the territory and shooting that gang.

You will get a message on the screen when you have taken over that part of the map, and a money icon like the one in Vice City will appear outside your house. Police - Like other crime-simulators like GTA, the police play a very big part of the game.

GTA San Andreas Mission #94 - Home Coming - PC/MAC Made Easy Guide HD

This time in San Andreas, the police are a lot more clever and don't just ram their cars like little children. Rockstar have improved the AI system so the police have their own tactics to hunt you down. I haven't seen a huge difference yet, but I have noticed that the police don't drive like monkeys. You can shake them off by shooting them or just by taking sharp turns and hitting walls etc.

They do still travel in cars and helicopters, but they also have police motorbikes and police 4x4's. Also, the police in the city have different outfits than those in the countryside. I just found this a really cool feature and I just wanted to share it Stats keeping fit - This is a new and really cool feature that San Andreas includes. You now have your own stats that you control. This is a really cool thing but you don't really need to take notice of it if you don't want to. The weights prove to be very useful if you want a lot of muscle, and the running machine and cycling machine both improve your stamina.

You can also challenge the boxer to a quick round but only if you have enough muscle. If you beat him the first time around, he will give you three new skills: All of these moves can be done by holding R1 and pressing triangle. But, let me explain a bit more about your muscle. If you just stand around all day or drive cars all the time, your muscle stats will decrease, but if you work out quite often, your muscle stats will increas or stay at the top.

Try and keep your muscle stats high for your punches to inflict more power. Your stamina can increase if you cycle often or if you sprint, but it will decrease if you eat too much fat or don't exercise. I don't think it damages your health if you are really skinny, but it does if you get really over-weight. If you do end up turning o-beast, you can go to the gym and work out to get buff again! Respect plays a big part because the more respect you have, the more Grove streets you can have in your group like I mentioned earlier in the gang section.

I am still a little confused about the Sex Appeal stats, but I think it goes up if you pick up prostitutes, dress nicely and drive cool cars it goes up, but I'm still trying to work out what reward you get for having max Sex Appeal. The higher it is, the better accuracy you have and the more power your gun produces. When still in Los Santos, and you really want to raise respect, there is one very effective method, and can take as little as 2 hours to max out your respect and be able to recruit 7 gang members, What you must do is quite simple, stock up on the AK - 47; make sure you have a good amount of bullets.

After you have enough bullets, go to the LSPD headquarters Police station and park a fast car or bike outside. Head down to the jail cells, where one of them contain armor. Take the armor, then scroll to get your AK You will now get 2 stars for taking out the weapon. Now, while in the cell, position yourself to around the left side in the middle of the cell, and manually AIM your AK Police will come one after another, and position the gun to be able to get a head shot.

The Police AI for some reason stops and does not shoot at you for the most part, so simply blow off their heads. Police will just keep coming and coming, so continue one after another aiming and shooting their heads. Eventually with persistence, you would have maxed out your respect! When you are happy with the amount of respect you have earned, or you have been shot at one too many times, sprint out the building, ignoring the shooting cops, and enter the vehichle that you parked before hand.

Quickly drive to the pay and spray that is near by to lose the police, then save the game as a heavily respected CJ! You can either do this all at once, or bit by bit, either way, it will only take an hour or two to gain a good chunk or respect using this handy method.

You can also get your own tattoos if you want to look really cool, but you don't get anything by visiting these places. They both cost quite a lot of money so don't waste your money on this. Again, clothing CJ does cost quite a lot of money, so don't waste silly amounts of money on your clothes. Also, when you buy and item of clothes, you keep them in your wardrobe at your house so you can wear whatever you have purchased whenever you are at the Johnson's house.

It is a full vehicle list but so far I only have the names. When I get a bit done on the walkthrough and other important stuff I will give a description and location of every vehicle in the game. So thank you ShadowFigure for this whole list! Pleasepleaseplease read this section before you send me an Email, as my brain does not take kindly to stupid questions It says on the case that the game is players, how do I play 2-player mode?

Yes, this game is two player, and I think that two player is the best new feature yet. You cannot select two player whenever you want, but around the cities are these little red icons with two stick-men on it; walk into one to trigger two player mode, but you can only find two player icons when you have two analog control sticks plugged in to your PS2. I have found two two player icons so far in the game. I found one just outside Denise's house your girlfriend later on in the game and another one in a car park in San Fierro didn't take directions down.

But, I also played two player pool against my friend I won! To play pool, enter the "Ten Green Bottles" bar just down the road from Grove Street, and challenge the man by the pool table to a game of pool. Press start on the second control stick to start your game. I also heard that you can control your own gang. How can I do this?

You need a bit of respect to do this, but you can do it early on in the game anyway. Just find a Grove st. The more respect you have, the more members you can recruit to your gang. How do I get fat? Don't run, cycle or swim and just drive cars. This is the perfect way to get fat. Fast food also increases your fat a lot, but my character has never been fat so I don't know what difference it makes towards your health. I was just messing around in the burger shot place but now I'm really fat. How do I get buff again? Head over to the gym in Ganton, Los Santos. When can I take over gang territory?

When you complete the mission "Doberman" for Sweet. Then gang warfare is not open until you complete Las Venturas again. Can I have gang warfare with any gangs other than the Vagos and Ballas? No, unfortunately. They are the only two gangs in the whole game that you can have gang warfare with. Rockstar decided that San Andreas is just too big to put hidden packages in it, so they made a few things almost the same.

Check the in-depth guides to find locations for these, or you can check the next updates to my guide that should include the locations. If I haven't covered it in the guide yet, I have no idea where to find them or how to unlock them or even what they are! So stop with the stupid questions!

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How do I communicate with random people on the street? If a pedestrian makes a remark about you on the street, press the right button to reply positively and maybe start a conversation, or press left to reply negatevely and start a fight. Quite a cool feature. I swam into Las Venturas, but the I got a four star wanted level and the police were trying to kill me! Why is this? Remember quite early on in the game, when you got that phonecall from Tenpenny, saying that leaving the city would be your worst mistake?

Well, he was being serious. Swimming into another city that you haven't unlocked yet will give you a four star wanted level, and it is almost impossible to escape the cops from there. In the bedroom upstairs in your house in Ganton. I am stuck on a mission that you haven't covered in your guide. Please help me! A thousand times, NO! This guide is under heavy construction and needs a LOT of work before it is complete. If you ask me a question about a mission I haven't covered yet, I will perminately block your Email so you will never be able to Email me again.

I'm serious, I'm getting really fed up of this. I have a tip, can I give it to you? Sure, I love tips. However, if it is a tip on something I haven't covered yet, It'll be much appreciated if you held your submission until I update my guide again. How often will you update your guide? I don't want to add tiny little bits for every version, because the guide will get very confusing. Once a week at the latest I'd say, at least for the early versions of the guide, but when the guide is complete, I won't update it a lot. Hopefully, the guide will be updated every couple of days until the guide is complete, and that's if I'm lucky.

What are the numbers next to some of the missions in your walkthrough? You will probably see that in the main walkthrough section of this guide there will be a number beside some of the titles to some missions. Those numbers are the times that you can start a mission.

Home Invasion This means that you can only start the mission between He left the streets of Los Santos 5 years ago to escape the pressures and the troubles to live in Liberty City, but now his mother has been murdered he's headed back to Grove Street. When he arrives back at Grove Street, he is framed for homicide by two crooked cops and he is not greeted kindly by his older brother, Sweet, who is the head of Grove Street Families.

Sean "Sweet" Johnson CJ's brother. He does not welcome CJ very nicely as he blames CJ for the death of their mother. Big Smoke enjoys eating at fast food restaurants and playing basketball. Big Smoke is my favourite boss as his missions have been the best so far. Lance "Ryder" Wilson Ryder is a close friend of Sweet and has been since high school. He's been dealing drugs since the age of 10 and like Big Smoke he is very high up in the Grove Street Families. He likes dissing your driving skills and taking the mic out of you since you've been on the east coast.

They drop him off in rival gang territory and has talks with the other GSF members. They also make CJ do their "dirty work". Cesar Vialpando Cesar proves to be very loyal to CJ later on in the game, but they both get off on the wrong foot when CJ sees him with Kendl Johnson CJ's younger sister. Cesar is part of the "Vagos" gang and can be very dangerous, but he is very protective over Kendl, his girlfriend. Kendl Johnson Your younger sister. Her and Sweet never got on very well since their youngest sibling Brian died in a car accident. Not much I can say about her They play quite a big part in Los Santos, but in the other islands, they are not important.

Carl and Sweet Johnson Location: Grove street, Ganton, Los Santos Colour: Green Info: This is the gang you run and reprisent throughout the game. It is not the biggest gang in San Andreas, and it's your job to put them back on top. They dress in green and you can usually find Grove Street gang members driving around green turf in lowriders. Zane Location: Most of Los Santos Colour: Purple Info: The ballas are Grove Street Families sworn enemies. Fights between these two colours aren't too rare. The ballas more or less run Los Santos.

When CJ and Sweet aren't running Grove Street full-time, the ballas usually have the bigger gang and the most territory. Unknown Location: East Los Santos Colour: Yellow Info: This gang is the third big gang in Los Santos. They control mainly the east side of Los Santos.

They have no leader according to me so that's probably why they're not a very strong threat to the ballas or Grove Street Families. Cyan Info: A very small gang in Los Santos. They don't own any turf in the whole game and they are either the Vagos' rivals or close friends. Not much is known about this gang, but I think they are just there so the Vagos gang have rivals. Woozie Location: Chinatown, San Fierro Colour: Woozie is the guy you meet at one of the races in the countryside.

He runs the Triads in Chinatown, San Fierro. You work for him through the most of the story. Easter Basin, San Fierro Colour: Unknown Info: Fights between this gang and the Triads aren't too rare, just like the fights between the Ballas and Grove Street Families. You have to do quite a few missions which involve killing members of this group for the Triads, so you're not too popular with this mob.

This section is made to help you feel more confortable with the police, so please don't diss it Whatever "small" crime you commit to get a one star wanted level, you can escape the cops easily by just hiding in one spot away from the police, or just by not killing anyone for a while. Alternetly, you won't have any trouble with the police as long as you have one star.

To earn two stars, you need to kill a cop by running them over or by shooting them. Basically, the more chaos you cause, the more dirty the police get, but even at two stars the cops are trying to shoot you, chase you and run you down. The helicopters will start flying in now, and if you're driving a car, the police on bikes will jump on the back of your car and you will have to shake them off. If you've caught the police's attention "by accident" which is very hard to do if you've got 4 stars , then you might as well fight back with your gun so you can upgrade it to hitman level. When you are in Los Santos, you can only get a maximum of four stars, so you need to unlock the other cities if you want five stars on you.

If the wanted level system in San Andreas is anything like the other two, then the FBI will show up next. The police decided that they'll drop your case and let the army take over. The army come in tanks and all sorts of armoured vehicles and they are not very kind people. Busted You only really get busted when you have stars because if you have more than that, the police will just try and kill you.

You can't get busted on foot, you can only get busted in a vehicle. This is a neat feature put in by Rockstar because if you fight the police on foot, there is a chance of you getting wasted, but if you fight back in vehicles, then can arrest you by simply opening your door. If a cop swings his nightstick at you and you fall to the ground the police will bust you.

The first time you get busted, you get a short tutorial showing you what happens when you get busted, so that is probably a lot more clearer than this section of the guide: P Escaping the Police There are different ways of escaping the police, but it gets harder when you have more than three stars.

This small sub-section should clear that up.

'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' Cheats for PC and Mac

But the easiest way to get rid of your first star is to just keep a low profile and stay away from the police. And don't fight back at this stage, because then you will raise your wanted level. Just find a police bribe to get rid of one star, then you can just lay low for a while. Driving into the Pay N' Spray is probably the easiest way to evade your wanted level. But you could try just finding two police bribes, but I don't think you'll last. If this is the case, either find a police bribe and take it from there, or go to your house and save it.

Saving will shake off your wanted level. Therefore, the easiest and the only thing to do is to drive over to your house and save. Just wanted to let you know stars do fade away if you have two or even three if you just wait long enough and run a while. Here is the list: Police Car: These can be found all over the city. They are black and white and have sirens. They are really fast and jacking one will give you a one star wanted level. Police Motorbike: Around the cities you will find a lot of these.

They are driven by black men all the time wearing helmets and goggles. The HPV sp? Police SUV: The police SUV's can be found mainly around the countryside and the Badlands. They are the same colour as the police car but they are in the shape of a Land Rover or a 4x4. Police Helicopter: If this game is anything like Vice City, you are able to drive the police helicopter. I hope it is the same in this game. Anyway, these things start chasing you when you have a three star wanted level, and it takes a long time to blow it up with your guns.

Again, you can only hold one type of weapon e. This section will explain all the weapons in the whole game. I will split this section into groups of different types of weapons to make it easier to look through. How powerful it is out of 10 Accuracy: How accurate it is out of 10 Speed: How fast it reloads out of 10 10 being the fastest Clip Size: How many bullets it can hold in one round Durability: How long this weapon is going to last you Rareness: How much percentage you need to reach gangstar level Hitman: How much percentage you need to reach hitman level Overall: Your fists.

A vital instrument in San Andreas. This is the one weapon the cops don't take away from you when you get busted. Your fists are only really helpful at the beginning of the game when you don't have many guns or melee weapons. Forever Rareness: Stealth Gangstar: They stay on your hands until you die or get busted! They do a bit more damage than your fists but theres not a huge difference. I like bare fists better than these, but only because it looks better.

When you have brass knuckles on, it looks like a big metal chiken wire on your hand. The early missions of the game are very easy and I probably won't give much detail and stuff like that, but when the missions get harder then I will start putting a little effort into the walkthrough. Opening Mission The game starts off with a touching but kinda weird opening movie which you should watch, but when you get dropped off by the cops and are in Balls territory, quickly hop on the BMX in front of you.

Ride the bike to the "CJ" blip on the radar, and just try and get used to the feel of the bike. You will want to ride the bicycles a lot in the game so start building up your stats here. When you get to CJ's mums' house, you just have to watch through a series of cut-scenes, then you hop on another BMX with the rest of the gang and you have to run away from the Ballas. Stay close to Sweet and Ryder and try your best to avoid the Ballas' cars.

When you arrive back at Your place, Sweet will give you a quick phonecall explaining a little about how the streets have changed since you've been gone. He is quite mad at you for the moment because of your ma' but he does strt giving you some love later on not in a gay way: P lol. Anyway, he gives you the first eight missions, and they are quite easy to get through especially if you've played Vice City. Sweet's missions can be found just outside of his house which is just to the right of your house.

His missions are mainly just tutorials and they are very easy. Try and get these missions done as quickly as possible, before you get bored. Get in the car with him and drive to Idlewood just down the road and enter the barber shop. Choose whatever hairstyle you want. Once you're done with Old Reece, go outside and when you're finished talking to Ryder go into the pizza shop just across the road. Too bad the guy behind the counter knows who Ryder is and pulls out a shotgun.

Quickly run outside and hop in the car with Ryder and drive back to Grove Street to complete the mission. Get in the car with Sweet and drive over to the yellow icon on your radar. Sweet will get out and spray over the first tag to show you how to use the spraycan.

Now you're in control. You have to spray over 5 more tags around this area. To use the spraycan, aim at the graffiti with R1, then hold circle or L1 until you get a message on your screen telling you how many tags you've sprayed over. Quickly tag the first two tags in the area the green dots on your map is where the tags are then get in the car and drive to the next location.

Drive to the next yellow icon on the radar in East Los Santos, then run into the alleyway where you will find two ballas standing next to some graffiti. Don't forget that you can use the spraycan as a weapon, but here it is probably easier if you use the spraycan on one of them, then when they are blind, beat up the other guy with your fists. When you're done, spray over the tag. Now, this is a very short tutorial of how to climb over fences. Run up to the red marker by the fence and press square to climb it. Follow the instructions and go left and climb onto the roof of the building.

Spray over the tag up there and Sweet will pull up in his car. Get in and drive back to Grove Street with Sweet to complete the mission. When the mission ends, you will get phonecall from one of Tenpenny's officers, "Hernandez". He will tell you that leaving the city pf Los Santos right now would be your biggest mistake.

He is being serious, because doing so will give you a four star wanted level. You can now find the spraycan in the bedroom in your house. Tags work like hidden packages. Find a tag, target it with the spraycan and hold circle or L1 to spray over it. Check out the in-depth guide to find all tags at GameFAQs. Watch the cutscene then get in a car and drive with Ryder around the block to find someone dealing to one of your homies.

Get out of the car and beat him up. Pick up his bat and get back in the car then drive over to the Ballas crack yard with Ryder. When you're inside, Target the first Balla lying down on the floor with the bat and you should kill him in one shot. Next, take care of the two guys on the left side of the room.

Make sure you don't get knocked down on the floor because you will probably never be able to get up and you will die. Quickly step on the pedal and go right and right again. Keep close to the car and don't rely on the others to shoot the car. To damage the car quickly, ram into the side and trap it against the wall. If the Ballas make it back to the Grove, you fail the mission, so you have to stop them really early on in the chase or else you'll lose them.

However you end up killing the Ballas, drive back to Grove Street, then Smoke will ask for a lift back to his place just down the road. When you drive Smoke back to his house, you will get a phonecall from Sweet. He will tell you to visit the gym in Ganton just down the road from your house. I went there as soon as I got the message from Sweet. Use the weights to build up some muscles and use the two running machines to build up stamina. Now you have to go through a short tutorial on how to weild a pistol. When you're done with the tutorial, drive Smoke back to his house.

Shortly after you will get a call from Sweet telling you to put on some green threads at Binco's. Drive over to the icon and go into the shop. Put on some green clothes and anything else that catches your eye, then step outside to complete the mission. Drive past the first lot of ballas quite quickly and take note of your cars' health in the corner of your screen. If you don't manage to take out all the Ballas first time around, go back and do it again. When they are all dead, get out of the car and pick up all of the dropped weapons and money. Now head to the next set of Ballas.

Do the same as you did last time, drive past the group and let Sweet, Ryder and Smoke take care of the shooting. If there is enough space in front of you, try and do a drive-by yourself. Again, when they are all dead, get out and pick up the weapons. Now, the next set of Ballas is just down the road. This group is slightly different to the others, this group doesn't have a car.

Therefore you can just run them all over and pick up their guns. The fourth and final set of Ballas are in Glen Park, the centre of Balla territory.

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Again this group doesn't have a car, so you can run over the biggest part of the group, and let the others shoot the survivers. When all the Ballas are dead, you get a two star wanted level. The best thing to do here is to drive straight to the pay N' spray. If you go around to the other side of the park and pick up the police bribe, the police will still be on your tail so just go straight to the icon on your map.

When you've shaken the feds, drive back to Sweets house. You should have a lot of ammo from the previous mission but if you feel you need some more ammo just for safety, go over to Emmet's. But take note of Sweet's health at the corner of the screen. Drive over to the location and run over as many gang members as you can.

Shoot the remainders and then get in a four-door vehicle just hop in the one by the red circle and pick up Sweet and his girl. Drive back to the Grove to finish the mission. The dealer here will give you a free lowrider with free hydraulics. Back your car into the garage and you can mod it. You don't have to for this mission, but you should because you will keep the car for later on in the game. Anyhoo, once you're done, drive over to the lowrider meet and place a bet. This part is really easy. You shouldn't have any problems doing this, because your opponent is rubbish. If you win the lowrider challenge, you open a cutscene with Kendl and Cesar.

But if the other lowrider gets more points than you, you fail the mission. When you're done with the mission, Cesar will ring you up and tell you to go to his ends with a lowrider to have a race. You can do this whenever you want as long as you have a lowrider. Check out the walkthrough for his mission in the side missions section. He only has three missions, but they are quite hard, and you have to be quite patient to actually enjoy them.

Start by getting in the truck with Ryder and driving to the house. Then walk in and follow the instructions on the screen. You have to steal at least three crates to complete the mission. There are six crates in the house, but collecting more than three doesn't make a difference on your reward at the end of the mission. Anyway, you can find two crates on the bottom floor, and another one in the same room as the guy sleeping.

Try and keep a steady pace throughout the robbery because if you jog the analog stick it will make a lot of noise. When you have three crates of guns in the van, drive to the lockup to complete the mission. San Andreas more than anything is the scale. It's hugely ambitious, set in a massive state featuring three big cities, and plenty of countryside.

The campaign is enormous, and there is plenty more to do beside. The storyline, a rags to riches tale, may not be massively original but it's well told with excellent acting and lots of memorable and funny characters. The radio stations are excellent, with a great mix of 90s music and hilarious adverts.

'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' Cheat Codes

Some frustrating gameplay aspects. There are points where GTA: San Andreas will be frustrating for some. Racing cars in the countryside can be pretty slippy for instance, and building up Carl's lungs for swimming underwater takes too long. Some of the missions are a little annoying too, but they are eclipsed by the best moments of the game and the amount of fun you can have roaming the state, enjoying the sites and creating havoc! A truly amazing game. San Andreas is a milestone in sandbox gaming. It's violent and very much an adult game, and while it has gameplay flaws, the overall achievement and the fun you can have playing are pretty much unbeatable.

Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. Set in the fictional state of San Andreas, players take on the role of Carl "CJ" Johnson who has been forced to work for a corrupt police officer to avoid being framed and charged with murder.

San Andreas is loosely based on the state of California and will have players taking on missions in major cities such as Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas, which mirror the real cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, respectively. The game follows the same open world, a sandbox-style model used in previous games. This content was eventually removed in subsequent releases after the game was pulled from the majority of major retailers worldwide.