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Feb 5, Contractor Deposit Control Number. Date of Deposit. Contractor Contact Name. Phone Number. Jurisdiction 15 J15 comprised of Kentucky and Ohio. Jurisdiction Use this form to join our mailing list.

We email healthcare industry news, information about events and webinars as well as a weekly practice management tips. You may unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. Email address: First Name: The Medicare contractor must provide a minimum comment period of 45 calendar days.

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The contractor must provide open meetings for the purpose of discussing draft LCDs. To accommodate those who cannot be physically present at the meeting, contractors shall provide other means for attendance eg, telephone conference and accept written or e-mail comments.

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These Public Open LCD meetings are the perfect forum for wound care professionals to provide in-person comments and recommendations to the Medical Director of the Medicare contractor. In all cases, the Medicare contractor must consider each comment and recommendation that is made for the draft LCDs. Additionally, the contractor must post the LCD that has been revised based on the comments received and must provide a minimum notice period of 45 calendar days before the final LCD becomes active. The contractor must also publish a summary of the final LCD in a news bulletin.

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The LCD will become active on the 46th calendar date after the notice period began. Wound care professionals are not given an opportunity to provide comments and recommendations in the following situations: Contractors shall consider all LCD reconsideration requests from: In addition, contractors have the discretion to revise or retire their LCDs at any time on their own initiatives. LCD Reconsideration Process requests must be submitted in writing and must identify the language that the requestor wants added to or deleted from an LCD. Copies of the published evidence must be included.

Any request for LCD reconsideration that, in the judgment of the contractor, does not meet these criteria will be considered invalid.

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In addition, contractors have the discretion to consolidate valid requests if similar requests are received. See Table VI for the process that takes place once a requestor submits a valid LCD reconsideration request to the appropriate contractor. Wound Care Professionals often think that manufacturers of products and devices used for wound care procedures should take the lead in obtaining positive LCDs.

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Actually, the Medical Directors of the Medicare contractors prefer to hear from the medical professionals, rather than the manufacturers. The purpose of the CAC is to provide: The CAC is composed of physicians, a beneficiary representative, and representatives of other medical organizations. The CAC members 1 disseminate proposed LCDs to and solicit comments from colleagues in their respective State and in their specialty societies; 2 disseminate information, to their respective State and specialty societies, about the Medicare program obtained at CAC meetings; and 3 discuss inconsistent or conflicting Medical Review policies.

CAC members receive materials to be discussed at least 14 days in advance of their meetings.

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The CAC members are encouraged to discuss the material and disseminate it to interested colleagues within their specialty and to clinic or hospital colleagues for whom the item may be pertinent. All wound care physicians should contact their State medical specialty society to identify their CAC representative. When physicians contact this author about LCDs that they do not think are clinically correct, I always ask them if they have contacted their CAC representative.

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When conducting a Medicare audit involving coverage, the auditor will obtain the LCD that was effective on the date of service that is undergoing review. To locate archived LCDs, follow this pathway: To be on equal grounds with auditors, wound care professionals should always have copies of the correct LCD versions. Kathleen D.

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