How to unlock ipod without restoring on mac

Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the recovery-mode screen.

On an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Keep holding them until you see the recovery-mode screen. On an iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad with a Home button, or iPod touch: When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore. If it takes more than 15 minutes, your device will exit recovery mode and you'll need to repeat steps 2 and 3. Wait for the process to finish. Get more help If you can't update or restore your device using recovery mode, or you can't use recovery mode because of broken or stuck buttons, contact Apple Support. Refer to Updating and restoring iPhone, iPad and iPod touch software.

Try restoring the iOS device if backing up and erasing all content and settings doesn't resolve the issue. Using iTunes to restore iOS devices is part of standard isolation troubleshooting. Restoring your device will delete all data and content, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar information, and will restore all settings to their factory condition.

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Before restoring your iOS device, Apple recommends that you either sync with iTunes to transfer any purchases you have made, or back up new data data acquired after your last sync. If you have movie rentals on the device, see iTunes Store movie rental usage rights in the United States before restoring. Verify that you are using the latest version of iTunes before attempting to update. After a restore, the iOS device displays the "Connect to iTunes" screen.

For updating. For earlier versions of. The final step is to restore your device from a previous backup. If you do not have a.

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If you are restoring to fix a forgotten Restrictions Code or as a New device, then skip Step 9 and restore as New. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

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It is also one of the most used and implemented process which is tech users can understand quiet easily. The overall steps that are involved are also very easy and straightforward.


How to Unlock iPod Touch without iTunes-

Step 1: The user should attach the iPod with the computer. The iTunes software is to be closed if it opens. Step 2: Double click the iPod icon to open the folder to proceed further. Step 3: Step 5: This unlocks the iPod and user can get back on track with ease. Once disconnected the user can get access the iPod normally without any issue and trouble:. Unlocking iPod touch from Windows may be the favorite for the tech-savvy guys. It is a little complicated and subject to certain failure possibilities. So you may want some simple solutions to do this.

Connect your iPod touch to the Mac using a lightening cable, and click "Start" in the new window. Follow the below instructions to do this:.

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Step 4: When the DFU mode is activated, dr. You can also select the information from the dropdown lists. After all this is done, click "Download". With the use of the technology, it is not difficult to unlock the iPod. The ease of the process is something that should be considered.


It makes the process implementation easy for a layman as well. Remove lock screens from your Android devices, no matter you remember the password or not. Remove lock screens from your iOS devices, no matter you remember the password or not. Aug 30, How to Unlock iPod Touch without iTunes.

How to Unlock iPod Touch without iTunes

Part 1. Causes of iPod Locking Part 2. Sensitivity of the Issue Part 3.

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Apple Support and its Role Part 4. Security Concerns Part 5. Causes of iPod Locking The main reason behind the issue is the fact that wrong passwords are given on the lock screen.

How to Unlock a Disabled iPod without iTunes or a Computer? [Solved]

Part 2. Sensitivity of the Issue Almost all the users treat iPod as a device to listen to the music. Part 3. Apple Support and its Role The iTunes that are considered to be the core part of the iDevices is not easy to understand. Part 4.