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Download R-Studio for Mac R-Studio for Mac run in the demo mode allows you to evaluate how the utility recovers lost files. Download Now System Requirements. The administrative privileges are required to install and run R-Studio for Mac. Other Platforms.

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Read more Got It. Download Size: Enter a title for the example publication, the author's name, and a name for the EPUB document. Be sure to end the EPUB file name with the name extension: Next, add the cover image by selecting "Other…" from the cover image popup menu on the right side of the dialog:. In the choose dialog sheet, navigate to the Cover folder in the Demo Kit and select the cover image:.

Next, you'll add add the audio clips to the book. By default, one media item image, audio file, or video file will be inserted at the beginning or end of each chapter. Since there are three chapters, we'll add three corresponding audio files, which will be inserted one per chapter. Click the "Add…" beneath the media list area to summon a dialog for selecting media files:.

Next, we'll add the illustrations to the media list. Any media not assigned to a chapter, will be automatically placed in a chapter at the end of the book named "Illustrations.


All the book components have beed identified and the book is ready to be constructed. Click the "Continue" button to begin the construction of the digital book.

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A temporary folder containing the components of the book will be created in the indicated destination folder. Once the processing of the book items has completed, the folder will be converted into an EPUB document, which is ready to be added to iTunes and then transfered to your iPad. The Table of Contents.

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