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When you do this, you may notice that the photo changes a bit; it may become lighter, or have more contrast. This is because RAW files have greater dynamic range ; they cover more gradations of light. You can then edit the photo the same as you would any other. JPEGs are great for first review and Fuji film simulation. And RAWs are obv the way to go for a detailed photo edition.

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And, Do you think compressed RAF will be supported in a near future? Is there any app to easy transform compressed rafs into uncompressed ones? During a holiday trip last month I shut compressed by error: As this Affinity photo forum thread explains:. So there are no apps that can support it right now.

I guess Lightroom does things differently, if it can edit the files. Late to the thread but I had the same problem. This usually goes without problem and created files are more or less at half the size 25 mb versus 50 mb in case of my Fuji XE3. I suspect a lot of people are going to be looking at Photos as an alternative.

Comment lire les fichiers multimédias de son iPhone sur sa TV Freebox

The issue is i can view the photo thumbnail but when i click on the photo it brongs up a grey card with a triangle with a! Inside it where the photo should be. Please help! You need to select a raw file in the Finder, press Command-I, then, in the Open With menu, select the app you want to open it with, then click Change All.

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I have tried. I did not change any settings and preferences in photoshop or photos.. It then can read back this copy after you save it in external editor. Free download.

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Spark for Teams. Create email together Collaborate with your teammates using real-time editor to compose professional emails. The photo appears in the Favorites album. Scroll down to Places. Click Show Nearby Photos to see other photos from nearby locations. See View photos by location.

View more photos of people in the photo: Scroll down to People to see the people identified in the photo. View related photos: Scroll down to Related to see similar photos from different times at that location. Double-click the group of related photos to see them. Show thumbnails of other photos in a collection or album: Swipe left or right to scroll through thumbnails, or press the arrow keys.

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Drag the edge of the thumbnail bar up or down to change the size of thumbnails. With some models of iPhone, you can shoot Live Photos, which capture a still image and the moments just before and after the image. In the Photos app on your Mac, double-click a Live Photo thumbnail. You can also position the pointer over a Live Photo thumbnail to play it.

If you have a Force Touch trackpad, you can force click the Live Photo. You can also click the photo thumbnail in the Touch Bar. To leave full-screen view, press the Escape key.