How to take a full webpage screenshot on mac

Capto is useful for anyone who needs to take screenshots, send them with one click - that making this app perfect for creative professionals, marketers, students and teachers. This will record your entire screen as a screenshot. Move this crosshair over any area that you want to screenshot. Most Mac devices also make it possible to take a screenshot of a visible part of window, e.

PNG file with the time and date stamp for when the image was taken as the file name. Now you can use your Mac's Preview app to crop, resize, rotate, and add some text and arrows.

Take webpage screenshots entirely, edit and share them faster

Capture an Entire Webpage 2. Take webpage screenshots entirely, edit and share them faster This is how so-called scrolling screen capture works with it: Open the web page you need to snap. If the whole webpage is not fitting in one screen view, take the browser in full screen view. For this, click the double diagonal arrow in the top right corner.

1 minute shortcut: Capture an Entire Webpage

If the entire website is still not in view, press Command and minus — key to reduce the zoom level of the browser. This will bring more content in view but the size of content will become smaller. Keep pressing Command and minus keys till you get the whole area in view. Here you may need to strike a balance between getting the content in view and legibility of content. Do not make the zoom level so low that the content especially text could not be understood. The cursor will change to a crosshair.

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Now select the desired webpage area by clicking and dragging the cursor on the webpage. After selection, release the mouse button. Now press Command and 0 zero keys to bring the browser zoom level back to normal. Want the perfect screenshot?

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Chrome's Inspect Element tool allows you to temporarily edit any webpage, so you can tailor everything perfectly for your screenshot. Check it out for yourself! Learn how to Capture the Perfect Screenshot , whether you're making top-notch tutorials or just want to send your buddy a quick snapshot of your Candy Crush high score.

How to take a screenshot of an entire webpage

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