My photo stream not working on mac

This means that there is like a blackhole sucking data behind photostreaming wirelessly between Apple devices.

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Here below, we will help you sort them out. This means that Wi-Fi connection is a must for photo streaming. Turning off photo stream will delete all photo Stream photos from your iPhone, meaning that your might see different photos in the My Photo Stream album on each of your iOS devices due to the time when you re-enable My Photo Stream. First, after confirmming that you are signed in iCloud when My Photo Stream enabled, iCloud automatically pushes copies of photo to other enabled devices.

Not like iCloud photo library, My Photo stream won't take up any iCloud storage space.

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Signing out of your Apple ID account and signing back into iCloud with your iCloud email address and My Photostream will start working again. If the recent photos are stilled not updated in photostream of macOS High Sierra and below, you can try:. Quit Photo app on Mac 2. Launch the Activity Monitor app, which is located under Utilities in the Applications folder. In Activity Monitor, search for "photos" in the upper-right to filter through the list of running processes. There should be a few rows left on the screen.

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For "Photos Agent" and each of the ones starting with "com. A confirmation message will appear. Click "Force Quit" to end the process.

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Once all of the processes mentioned in step 4 are gone, you can quit Activity Monitor. Open the Photos app again and, after a few moments, all of your latest photos should start importing from My Photo Stream. My Photo Stream doesn't support video or Live Photos.

How to Share Your Photo Stream - Mac Basics

Therefore, if your recent photos are live photos, you might not be able to see those photos streaming. Make sure that you are signed in with the same users ID to allow the auto download. Check that Wi-Fi is on and you have an Internet connection. If you have iOS Check that My Photo Stream is on for each of your devices. If the feature is on, turn it off and tap Delete. Then turn on My Photo Stream again.

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On the device that took the photo you're looking for, close the Camera app. It is free of charge, but only holds either photos or 30 days worth, whichever occurs first. At that point they will be removed from the Photo Stream. Apple provides, for a reasonable price, extra storage that is metered and that is referred to as iCloud Photo Library. It is not timed and you can leave your photos and videos there as long as you wish. None of iCloud's photo services allow you to remove photos completely from your phone and leave them only on the cloud.

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My Photo Stream

Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Photostream not showing on imac Where is my photostream in photos on the mac , I have photostream turned on on my iphone and mac but pictures if ever just haphazzardly appear on my mac, none of the pics I took yesterday are able to be viewed on my mac , they are just not there , please dont go on about icloud photo library as I dont want to use it its getting pretty bad when its quicker and easier to open safari if it dont freeze navigate to google photos and find the pictures there!

At one time in the distant pass it worked In the perfect world I would just like to take a picture on my iphone and have it copied to my mac and be able to delete it off my iphone without it being removed from my mac Thanks Chris. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

How to Fix My Photo Stream Not Showing in iOS 11/12

Loading page content. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: I have photostream turned on on my iphone and mac Where is My Photo Stream turned on? Is it in Photos Preferences enabled?

How My Photo Stream works with iCloud Photos

Its all enabled on every device Ive restarted my mac and still nothing It sound ridiculous but after all this time using photos until you mentioned it i didnt realise there was a side bar as I had to turn mine on in the view options! Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Stop using iCloud Photo Library Important: Deselect the iCloud Photo Library checkbox to turn it off. Thanks Sorry just went to photos My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing limits photostream is there but my photos from yesterday and friday arent its been about half hour or so since i turned off icloud photo storage on both devices It will need some time to slowly populate again.

Take one new photo with your iPhone and check, if it will appear in the My Photo Stream album.