Openssl commands mac os x

How to install OpenSSL on macOS

However, it also has hundreds of different functions that allow you to view the details of a CSR or certificate, compare an MD5 hash of the certificate and private key to make sure they match , verify that a certificate is installed properly on any website, and convert the certificate to a different format.

Below, we have listed the most common OpenSSL commands and their usage:. Compare SSL Certificates.

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You can also check CSRs and check certificates using our online tools. If you are receiving an error that the private doesn't match the certificate or that a certificate that you installed to a site is not trusted, try one of these commands.

Command Line Utilities

Classical use case is to obtain a valid Certificate for a Secured Web site https protocol. First you create a Private Key will be created together with Public key. Then create a Certificate Request for that private key with some informations for purpose of future Certificate.

For well known CA you need to pay. Up to you to install your Private key together with the received Certificate on your system. It exists graphical front-end to operate openssl wihtin a GUI: Private Key part should never be disclosed while public key part is Those kind of certificates credentials are known with. Those files are then very sensible to handle with same security as a private key.


This is anyway better to actualy split base64 result in 64 characters lines since -A option is BUGGY limit with long files. The formats are specified with inform and outform optional parameters default is usually PEM.

How to encrypt and decrypt files using openssl in MAC

Then it is easy to read it in a format and write it in another. For instance, you have downloaded a certificate in DER and you need to PEM version for some signature verification commands.