How to print 2 sided on mac powerpoint

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I switched over from Windows to a MacBook Pro not long ago. I am using the Office for Mac software, and this may turn out to be a Microsoft question, but I thought that I would start out here first.

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Q. How do I print double-sided in Word?

I am able to print double-sided in Excel for Mac , but the option is not shown for Word. I am also given the two-sided option when printing pdf documents. The printer is about eight years old, but it functions like a charm. It may be that the drivers are too old, but nothing more recent is available from HP. Nonetheless, I don't understand why it prints double-sided for Excel, but not for Word.

How to Print Double Sided on Mac

Posted on Nov 14, Nov 14, 4: Nov 15, 6: Page content loaded. I have done that. But, since I do a lot of writing, I'd prefer to do away with in between steps, if you know what I mean. Thanks for your reply.

I have it in the expanded view, as you showed in your post. But, I can't seem to find a two-sided option. Nov 15, 7: Here's how you do it on Mac when using an offline app and when browsing online, as well as some helpful pointers on what to keep in mind.

How do I print double-sided in Word? - utamisimup.tkTCH

Printing on the front and back of pages is easy on a Mac, particularly when using an app such as Microsoft Word or or any other Microsoft Office app. As an example, here's what you should do if you've typed up a Word doc on your Mac and want to print double-sided:. It's worth commenting here on the difference between long-edge and short-edge binding: By contrast, short-edge binding prints such that you flip the page over vertically as with a notepad. Also, with some applications, the process for printing double-sided will be simpler and involve fewer steps, since you'll be presented with a "Two-Sided" option by the initial Print window.

For instance, here's what you do with a Mac app such as Notes:. With such apps, you'll still have the option of choosing between long-edge and short-edge binding. The first drop-down menu lets you choose which slides you want to print. Here is where you could print just the odd pages first and then the even pages if you're manually duplexing. Choose the printout type from the next drop-down menu.

For example, you can print full slides, notes pages or handouts with multiple slides on a page.

PowerPoint: Printing

Choose how the slides are collated from the next drop-down and select either color, grayscale or black and white from the final drop-down. Click the "Print" button in the upper left when you're done.

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If you're manually duplexing, you'll need to collect the odd pages once they print out, flip them over and put them back in the paper tray of your printer. The orientation of the pages will depend on how your printer feeds paper. Again, check your printer's manual for details.

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