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Travis Scott was not afraid to talk about love, which really did undergird this whole enterprise, no matter what was exchanged on top. But "Sicko Mode" to close out a tribute? Juicy J materializing to bang "Bandz A Make Her Dance" blew the roof off, although after he left the people around me were like, "What was that? Him saying that was kinda questionable, but when he dove offstage and ran through the pit, deep into the seats, way past where he'd normally go, the energy felt right. Right after Mac died there was this outpouring of love and gratitude on social media.

Prominent people felt the need to post public messages regarding their relationships with him and the abrupt nature of his passing. Friends of mine who don't pay as much attention to music as I do asked me if it was real, if these celebrities and musicians felt this way previously or if this was a bandwagon situation. I told them I saw love for him behind the scenes for years, artists working at his house all the time, collaborations all over the place, and other than a couple of times when his falling off the wagon affected other people's schedules, no dirt.

So I think it was real. I think in this day and age if a public person reacts strongly enough to a private loss to spontaneously make a statement about it, they'll do that through a channel that they control. And that will be the full extent of their expression on the subject to strangers out of the house. None of the acts wanted to talk to a reporter about the night. They'd already typed out their grief; why would they go through that again, trying to find FCC-approved words that are concise yet evocative, the tension in their throats burned to tape and whatever confusion or guilt or horror and any shame or insecurity about having those feelings revealed and preserved forever in your memory or on the godforsaken Internet?

But the weeks that went by between those elegiac posts and last Wednesday night had allowed Mac's friends to mourn in private for a bit. Accepting this gig, performing in a moment that required etiquette of the home-training sort, especially because Mac's mom was right there, meant they were shoved back into a public role, and this one had proscriptions on it. From my seat, it looked like there were fleeting moments wherein Mac's friends weren't sure what their responsibilities were here.

Mac Miller Tribute Show: How Each Artist Knew Him

Especially when ScHoolboy Q apologized to us for not having the words right now, I wondered if he feared there was something he could have done to prevent his friend's death. After my podcast, Microphone Check , reposted a interview with Mac soon after his death, we received comments from listeners that worried me; I wondered what words any of us should use when we're talking to people who might be in a perilous state. What can you give to a total stranger, much less tens of thousands of strangers, having their own unknowable reaction to tragedy?

What if you say the wrong thing? Almost everybody on stage credited Mac with opportunities they had taken advantage of and support they had metabolized into achievement. After that, some people said let's turn up for our boy. Some people said take care of your friends.

Action Bronson, Mac Miller — Red Dot Music

Some people talked directly to him. Chance looked up and out and said, "Hey Mac.

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Isn't this cool? Parts of it were cool. Dancing through it, all of it, especially shoulder to shoulder with people you love, is defiant and constructive.

Forgetting for a second is relief. There were so many different types of music performed that night. So many different ways to perform demonstrated. It was like a mini-festival in that trippy, everything-meeting-on-an-equal-plane type of way, those fake barriers between indie and major and niche and mainstream and melodic and heady and euphoric and internal and eternal and desperately sad washed away. I think that Mac's life's work was the community of musicians who responded to a request to play a couple songs one night, for a good cause, with, "For Mac and his family?

Sure, that's no problem.

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The crowd wasn't sure what to do with this faraway but still personal sadness and the musicians were not interested in performing their trauma. That none of this resolved, that the night never cohered into poignancy out in the crowd, doesn't mean something went wrong. Who knows? It's possible that Mac's circle itself just needed to gather in this particular way.

And it's possible that some aspect of their efforts on his behalf was subtly meaningful or instructive to, say, the six year-olds in my section who drove in for the show from North Dakota. Amid all the different micro-genres and approaches on display that night were a handful of ways to mourn. What felt destabilizing was cycling through them: By Drew Millard July 28, To celebrate his Lollapalooza set and overall greatness, here are Mac Miller's hottest tracks.

In , a band called the Box Tops scored a number-one hit with their song "The Letter. As the years passed, Chilton went down in alternative history because of his role in the seminal group Big Star, as well as his role in inspiring the very good Replacements song "Alex Chilton. Though the Pittsburgh MC and producer got his start making poppy, fratty anthems such as "Knock Knock" and "Donald Trump," the enthusiastic alt-rap polymath has worked to lose the pop style and position himself as a vital figure in the world of sonically complex, alt-leaning hip-hop.

In addition to releasing stellar solo work — his record "Watching Movies with the Sound Off" is a minor psych-hop classic — Miller has become a critical figure in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene.

Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life

He honed his happy-go-lucky rhyme style into sharp-edged free-association, holding his own with close collaborators like Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul. Miller is both wildly prolific and almost absurdly eclectic — in alone, he released music with everyone from Ariana Grande to Project Pat to Camp Lo to Flying Lotus to Lil B, which should be some sort of record.

So It Goes: Mac Miller’s Duty-Dance With Death

With each new album, every unexpected collaboration and one staunchly anti-commercial move after another, Miller has carved out a unique space for himself within hip-hop as the teen star turned tastemaker. Eventually, the montage came to a close and the screen went dark, but almost every artist remained on stage.

Mac Miller (Featuring Action Bronson) - Red Dot Music (Live)

Nobody wanted to leave. Even after the stage had finally cleared, many in the crowd continued to linger, almost as we were waiting for Malcolm himself to emerge behind the solitary mic stand and perform his headlining set. Mac, of course, didn't appear, but his presence was an inescapable constant throughout the evening, reflected in each and every one of the performers and those who came to see them. I left the venue with an inextinguishable feeling of warmth, a feeling that carried over to the next morning when I rolled out of bed and reflected on the night before. In his lifetime, Mac Miller made art by dancing with death.

Sadly, I was not allowed to make every Mac Miller love song his best love song. Love is the concept that Mac Miller will be exploring on his forthcoming "The Divine Feminine" album. Mac Miller's videos have become so visually captivating you could even watch them with the sound off. Best Of.