Outlook 2011 mac archive settings

Click Next. This will confirm your action, and allow you to select a file type from a list. Select Outlook Data File.

How do I create a PST file in Outlook to archive messages?

Outlook saves all Windows backups in the PST file format. This option will allow you to select a backup file, and import your old data. This will confirm your file type selection. Click the Browse button under "File to import.

How to Create OLM File or Outlook for Mac Archive on Mac Outlook 2016

Select the backup file you want to restore. Find your saved backup file in the file explorer window, and click on the file name to select it. Click the Open button. Select how you want to handle duplicate items under "Options. The default option will delete the duplicate items in your current mailbox, and replace them with the imported items from your backup. This will confirm the selected backup file, and show a list of the available data files in the saved backup. Select the data file you want to import.

Restore Microsoft Outlook data - Code42 Support

Find and click the data file you want to import on the list here. Optionally, you can also change the import destination in your current mailbox. If you want to import your data into a different folder than your current one, select Import items into the same folder in at the bottom, and select a mailbox folder on the drop-down.

Click the Finish button. This will import all the saved data in your backup file, and restore your old mailbox. You can now access your old emails, contacts, and calendar events.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

Method 2. You can find it in your Applications folder. Email at CUMC. Exporting and Importing Data in Outlook on Macintosh You can export an email account's messages, attachments, folders, contacts, calendar and appointments, tasks, and notes in Outlook as an ".

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  3. Restore Microsoft Outlook data;

If you are exporting to save an account that is being disabled vs. Click the Categorize button in the top middle toolbar, then: You will only want to use this for the mail, contacts etc. Mark the items you want to export with the category just created: While in the folder click Edit from the top menu in Outlook, then Select All from the drop down menu or command and a keys on your keyboard at the same time. Click the Categorize button and the category name to apply to all of the items.

For a smaller range of messages you can press the control key on your keyboard while selecting two messages; everything between the two will be highlighted. To add non-adjacent messages you can press the command key while clicking. If there are contacts, tasks or other account items you want to include in the export, you will have to label these with the category as well.

Categorized items will be marked with the color of the category label and are ready for export. Exporting Select File in the upper left of the Outlook, the Export from the drop down menu. Open the folder containing the email messages you want to export to Gmail, such as your inbox or saved emails.

Press Ctrl-A to select all the emails in the folder or press and hold the Ctrl button and click on each individual email you want to send to Gmail.

How to configure Auto-archive with Outlook 2011

Right-click anywhere on the selected email messages, point to Move and select Other Folder. Navigate to your Gmail account in the Move Items dialog box and click on the folder to which you want to export your emails. Alternatively, click New to create a new folder in your Gmail account.

Click OK to move the selected emails. Outlook or Click Export to a file and then click Next. Select the email folder from which you want to export messages and then click Next. Browse to the folder where you want to save the exported emails.

Archive messages in Outlook for Mac

Type a name for the exported file and click OK. Click Next and then click Finish. When the process is complete, the new Excel file will be available for you to open. Outlook Click File and choose Options.

Choose Advanced in the left pane of the Options window. Choose Export in the Export section. Click Export to a File and then click Next. Outlook or or Open Outlook.