Mac mini i7 vs imac i5

So, roughly speaking a quad-core processor should be able to process instructions at twice the rate of a dual-core CPU. However, in an application optimized for multiple cores, you should notice a significant difference between CPUs with different numbers of cores.

How to choose the best processor for your MacBook, iMac or Mac mini

Intel gives each generation of its processor a code name. The slimline MacBook processor is known as Core M, designed specifically for low power mobile use. The Mac Pro uses a completely different family of Intel processors, designed for high-end workstations and known as Xeon.

Mac Mini 2018 - Purchase Advice from a Mini User!

However, they also tend to be less powerful. The other key feature of a processor is the balance between speed and power consumption. CPUs that run faster use more energy and so generate more heat. Remember we said that CPUs are often throttled to prevent overheating? So, for example, a quad-core 2.

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Not all Mac models offer a choice of all three. The Core M, for example, is specifically designed to minimise power consumption in mobile devices and is used only in the MacBook. Likewise, if you buy a MacBook Air or Mac mini, although those machines use older versions of Intel processors. Generally speaking, in terms of speed, a dual-core i5 is the slowest and a quad-core i7 the fastest. I have also a i7 with 4Core and i'm thinking of swapping the models for the purpose that I bought the second. Mac Mini i7 vs iMac i5 More Less.

Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: So I can choose from: Also iMac will probably see it's new model this year while the Mac Mini was launched recently. Thanks a lot!

How to choose the best processor for your Mac

More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: The iMac has better graphics processor. With the iMac you can always add another monitor later.

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I would opt for the iMac. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. You more than two cores for a virtual machine. KiltedTim KiltedTim. This one is going for right now. Smokerz Smokerz. Each time the clock ticks, data moves one step through the processor, so the faster it ticks, the more processing power it has. Higher speeds generate more heat, so many processors can shut down one or more cores to enable the others to run faster using a feature called "Turbo Boost".

This provides additional performance when doing only one task at a time. When looking at processing power, it is important to understand how the various factors affect performance so that the prospective buyer can make an informed decision.

The Mac mini's price has crept into iMac territory. So how do they compare?

The following table shows how each factor applies to overall performance:. Each of these features affects processing power in different ways and what matters most to one user may not matter as much to another. The key lies in matching the features to the user's needs. Those looking for overall processing power should consider an i7-based model whether they want an iMac or Mac Mini. Even though there are a huge number of options available for both the iMac and the Mac Mini, a look at the default configurations can provide an excellent way to compare the overall processing power of the two types of computer.

The results are in- Mac Mini I7 vs Late 2015 Imac I5

Both computers come with an i5 as the base processor, which offers excellent all-around performance, and offer upgraded models using the more powerful i7 processor. The i5 is more than powerful enough to meet the needs of most mainstream users, but enthusiasts and power users are more likely to opt for the greater power of the i7, especially if they do a lot of multitasking where it particularly shines. The base model of the Mac Mini offers a 2. With only two cores and the lower of the two processor types, this model offers the least processing power of any iMac or Mac Mini model.

This computer works well for those users with basic needs, but those with more advanced requirements may find it lacking. The top of the line Mac Mini is the only computer on the list that comes stock with the higher performance i7 processor.

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  • This particular model has a quad-core i7 processor clocked at 2. The clock speed may be lower than any of the other default models, but the overall performance advantage of the i7 over the i5 helps this model considerably. It offers significantly more processing power than the default i5 model, with twice as many cores, each of which is more powerful. For those seeking additional processing power, a 2. The base iMac comes in two models, one with a All versions come with a quad-core i5 processor as standard, ranging from 2.

    All provide more processing power than the default Mac Mini, possessing both more and faster cores.