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Showbiz Blues Mp3

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The story behind the band and its members is fathomless with so many side chapters, it's hard to keep track. The members and their spin-off projects are too varied to keep track of but one thing is certain, no matter what they did, they did it with style and skill. This is blues at its best. Let Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac take you to that special place and back again. This is a 36 tune compilation that is to die for, so live long and prosper, go pick it up.

Peter Green is the founder of the original Fleetwood Mac , which consisted besides Green vocals, guitar, harp of Mick Fleetwood drums , John McVie bass , and Jeremy Spencer vocals, slide guitar, piano. In Danny Kirwan vocals, guitar was added to the band, producing a unique sound and much touted three-guitar front line however, this three-guitar front was rarely recorded in action in the studio.

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While most of their recordings were made for the Blue Horizon label collected on The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions box set , their final recordings were on the Warner Bros label which yielded their last and arguably best album Then Play On [will the CD of this album ever be remastered? Except for live performances, recorded at the Boston Tea Party and "in London" in , all the material on these 2-CD sets are outtakes or jam sessions.

Fleetwood Mac - Showbiz Blues (CD, Album) | Discogs

Jumping at Shadows does an excellent job at picking highlights of these 2-CD sets, focusing primarily on songs and performances led by Peter Green. As these are works in progress we get an intimate view of the way Green constructed and sang his blues.

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  4. This is further emphasized by excellent renditions of three highlights of Green's recorded work, the title song from the Boston live recordings , Showbiz Blues in two versions one recorded in New York when it was still called Do You Give a Damn for Me and a second recorded in London, resembling the version on Then Play On , and Love That Burns. These songs show blues at unusually personal and intimate levels, which you might call a trademark of Green at his best and most vulnerable.

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    The list goes on: There are relatively few Kirwan or Spencer led performances; what's there is excellent but this set really focuses on Green. Anyone familiar with the "Vaudeville" and "Showbiz Blues" sets or the Boston live recordings will appreciate this distinction, because especially Spencer's contributions from that time do not hold up as well. Material not included on "Vaudeville" and "Showbiz Blues" include home recordings of Peter Green with Duster Bennett and contributions to albums recorded by the original bass player of Fleetwood Mac for the first two months , Bob Brunning.

    While these side activities do not always measure up to the full Fleetwood Mac band performances, they are certainly enjoyable and interesting in that they show an additional side of Green. In all, the two CDs of Jumping at Shadows make for good listening and can easily be played front to back without creating an urge to skip songs.

    Peter Green Show-Biz Blues - music download free - lindyonsproul.com

    The sequencing is excellent. The sound quality is generally good and belies for the most part the age and circumstances of the recordings.

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    Good job on the remastering. It fills the gap between the earlier Horizon recordings and Then Play On. While there are still interesting performances on the "Vaudeville" and "Showbiz Blues" extended CD sets worth exploring, these sets are more spotty and may require active listener participation as in: Strongly recommended. As a man who has listed the Judas Priest "Unleashed in the East" version of "Green Manalishi" no less than 1 million times throughout my youth, I can now say that the original version is pretty good too.

    It's not better or worse, it is just different in a more laid-back doobie sort of way. This album does not sound remotely like the Fleetwood Mac the world has grown to know and love. Peter Green was truly an artist. That said, I do somewhat agree with Green that money can be an evil entity that tricks us into doing things that we know are not right.

    The virtuosity of Peter Green backed up by the intensity of fellow band members is worth the cost of the album alone. He must have listened to a lot of BB King and Delta Blues artists because the way he caresses those frets with a lovers touch.

    I kept trying to hear the obvious in his music and was continuously surprised by the shift in direction he takes which keeps the music fresh and reminds you just how creative one has to be to make the Blues a new unique sound. In a word, Genius. For Fleetwood Mac fans, no comment is necessary. For those unfamiliar with the band, this is a highly recommended CD.