Giochi sparatutto per mac online

In the ancient walls of a forgotten kingdom, a most poisonous and evil force reigns over all. Amon Twentysix.

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Nexuiz per Mac - Download

Cactus Justice. Sometimes, even cacti need justice Launch your spider drone at walls, ceilings, and enemy heads in this shooter where "move" and "attack" are synonymous. Evan Todd. Control Room. Now multiplayer. Reclaim Earth. Ansity Games. MadFinn Development Co. Streets of Rogue. Boss Fight. Day of the Cacti. Cacti are showing up everywhere these days. Shotgun them down! Dan Waywell. Here's the standalone game based on it. Twin Tiger Shark. Wide Pixel Games.

Free-to-Play , Giochi di carte , Anime , Strategia. Free-to-Play , Giochi di carte , Multigiocatore , Anime. Visualizzazione di 1 - 15 risultati su 1, Free-to-Play , Avventura , Indie.

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  • 7.The Darkness 2 [$19.99];
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  • Giochi Free-to-Play su Steam.
  • Team Fortress 2 per Mac - Download.

Free-to-Play , Casual , Avventura , Indie. Free-to-Play , Strategia , Simulazione.

Free-to-Play , Casual , Simulazione , Sport. Scopri tutte le prossime uscite. Offerte speciali consigliate. Guarda tutte le offerte speciali. Mostra tutti. Informazioni su Valve Soluzioni aziendali Steamworks Impieghi. Assistenza Forum Statistiche.

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Tutti i diritti riservati. Tutti i marchi appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari negli Stati Uniti e negli altri paesi. IVA inclusa nel prezzo ove applicabile. Visualizza il sito web per dispositivi mobili. I wanted to go old-school and discover what first person shooter FPS games are available for OS X, and I was quite surprised by the selection…. Portal is the finest first-person puzzle game, and Team Fortress 2 is the most fun multiplayer team game you will play.

FPS gratis e frenetico basato sul motore di Quake III

Five high-quality first-person shooters for that price? The original Borderlands was a blast and the sequel only improves on that. The comic book-like animation style only adds to the charm, taking away realism and putting fun back into the virtual world of guns and gore.

Can your Mac run it?

Read More. Ever since the invention of multiplayer gaming, it only made sense to have shooters as a key genre. I once wrote Steampunk has never been executed so well in gaming and Infinite scores high on every aspect: My personal favorite is hopping on to the Skyline, a single-person railway system which you use to travel around the floating city of Columbia with a hook mechanism. There is nothing as cool as zipping along and shooting enemies. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is arguably the best FPS game to be made in the last few years, and definitely the best war game. The franchise kicked away the obsession developers had with World War II shooters and focussed on modern combat instead.

The result was one of the most engrossing games ever made with incredible variety in the gameplay, be it as the perfect sniper in Chernobyl, shooting targets on the ground from an airplane, or crawling through enemy lines undetected with your camouflage. Doom Vs.


First person shooters have been at the forefront of game development since their first incarnation over two decades ago. They combine adrenaline-soaked action with a perspective that provides a great stage for technology; first-person games Modern Warfare. And after the success of Modern Warfare came a new franchise, Black Ops. And after they get bored of the games bought alongside their As a single-player game, L4D2 is a lot of fun, making you attempt to live through a zombie apocalypse as part of a band of four survivors.

But where it really shines is in co-op gameplay. Buy it on Steam, connect with other players online and stave off wave after wave of zombies to make the world a safer place once again. The big games from last year are on the shelf, and it is time to talk about our favorite games