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Lastly, if you love using the Terminal, you can type a simple command to burn the ISO image file. I would suggest copying the file to an easy location like your desktop and renaming the file to something short too. In my case, I copied the file to my desktop and renamed it to just ubuntu.

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I navigated to the desktop by typing in CD Desktop and then typed in hdiutil burn ubuntu. If you have a disc in the drive before you run the command, the burn process will start automatically. Those are all the ways you can burn your ISO image on a Mac without third-party software! If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

How to Burn an ISO File using Mac OS X

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Burn a DMG or ISO File to Disk (Macintosh)

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Debugging Bmike commented "You can isolate the scanning of the image from the restoring to see if the problem lies with the image or the copy. You can isolate the scanning of the image from the restoring to see if the problem lies with the image or the copy.

Disk Utility Method

The reason it won't work this way is because OS X does not natively read the file format of that particular iso, which is likely ntfs. The reason dd works is because it is a low-level block copy utility, thus the file system is irrelevant. Pfitz point 2: IMHO the easiest way is in terminal: First run diskutil list then insert your usb stick and run diskutil list again to see the disk node e.

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I ran this with a windows xp iso image and tried to boot with it -- no luck. While dd is running, press Ctrl-T to see its progress.

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These are readable in OS X, and probably Linux but not windows. But and note well , do not do this for a USB you want to "boot" from ex: IgorGanapolsky you need to specify the disk you found in step 2, eg. Applemeister Applemeister 1 5. Mousavi S. Mousavi 1 2. In my experience UNetbootin creates broken installers. All installers boot fine, but then experience problems launching the install process.

The error probably had something to do with some GUI thing that I cannot yet understand -- could someone help with the original err? Why did it not work like the above?

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A it may be that I have poor USB stick slow writing time but it may be that there is clearly something broken in the system -- if this method and the GUI method do not work, it is probably not a good sign or? The command can be improved, try using the raw block device and setting a decent block size: It still needs a trip to the terminal to do the convert tho, as I don't think you can do this in diskutil: Using larger values means it can get it's teeth stuck into it more, for want of a better analogy, you can go way higher if the device merits it a large hard disk for example but 1Mb is generally OK for a USB stick which isn't all that fast.

Read this for some background forums. Dennis Dennis 46 1. Quoting from the ubuntu article linked earlier: No such file or directory , hmm. A little more detail please, perhaps?

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