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Score Breakdown Based on 73 ratings. Codemasters' latest edition to their F1 series hopes to impress with classic 80s and 90s content. But is it worth it? Oct 07, X What Gamespot Users have to say about F1 A solid eight out of ten By Creamos Review Date: Sep 27, PC. Great Game By migsy23 Review Date: Sep 10, X F1 Review By frast Review Date: Dec 21, PC.

F1 2013 video review

Not the typical F1 game By jpnelson82 Review Date: Nov 11, X F1 is the best we've ever seen the series, with improvements and new content across the board. Grip the wheel, grit your teeth, and hurtle around those flat-out right-handers around the back of the track and feel like a real F1 driver.

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The most notable omission is classic McLarens, which are not present anywhere in the game. Best example? There's a big catch with all of this great classic content, too. The F1 package is extremely slick, whichever mode you play, and all the classic content feels like a labour of love. It's a fitting way to conclude current-gen F1, polishing the contemporary and reflecting on the old before the next-gen version inevitably brings in the new in So if ever you thought racing cars were cool as a kid, you need to play F1 Pros Highly polished and great-looking Modes to suit 10 minutes or 10 months play Ludicrously enjoyable new classic content.

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See comments. The fourth entry in Codemaster's officially-licensed series of Formula One racing games. The standard version of F1 includes a smattering of cars, drivers, and tracks from the s, the era when F1 was fuelled by moustaches and cigarette advertising.

F1 2013 review

These classic cars are definitely best experienced snugly tucked into the cockpit rather than from the chase cam. The aforementioned tobacco advertising is understandably absent, but the sight of these two- to three-decade-old racing icons tearing up the track is a real buzz. You can run the GPs on either the two classic courses Brands Hatch or Jerez or the tracks, but the novelty quickly wears off. Worse still, two of them are simply the existing GP mode in disguise. An added note: It looks good, sounds good, feels good, and is crammed with plenty to do.

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