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The multiplayer format is robust, allowing up to nine players to share a world.

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When battles commence, you can take control of every aspect of your workers and soldiers, sending them running for shelter in the town centre, ordering them to defend a watchtower, or setting their combat stance to aggressive for free-for-all sword smashing fun. When you're not fighting, find your idle peasants with a mouse click and send them back to work chopping trees, rounding up sheep, fishing or mining gold and stone. As you acquire more resources, you can improve your soldier's gear and skills, start to trade more efficiently and make life better for everyone in your empire.

You can choose from 13 groups to manage, from the Japanese to the Teutons and Franks. Each group has unique units and special characteristics, making this a game that changes every time you play it. The Conquerors Expansion and will let players wage war on an epic scale with all new civilisations, unique units and technologies and campaigns based on the infamous conquerors such as Attila the Hun, El Cid.

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Requirements for install listed as: I can't seem to install this because when I hit the install button, a dialog box pops up and says "the item 'read me' cannot be found. Installation cannot continue.

27 December, 2018

What am I doing wrong? Noam, I remember this happening when running SS in full screen. What I do is never let the intro run, simply by pressing enter a few quick times right after launching. Anybody know why it won't show the cursor after a few minutes? I'm running it on SheepShaver, so I expect glitches, but I do want to overcome them when I encounter them. Easily in my top three favorite games - thank you for uploading and hosting! Made my week month?

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I'm having it crash a fair amount running on a pre-intel MacBook it's either quit on its own or I've been able to force quit. Sign in or Open in Steam.

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Includes Steam Achievements. Strategy Developer: Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart. Bundle info. Add all DLC to Cart. If you're looking for a holiday gift for your historical-RTS-loving buddy, have we got a deal for you! Pro tip: Age of Empires Legacy Bundle. Balance Patch 5. Thanks to everyone who participated in the open beta. This is a big balance patch aimed at improving the competitive experience. Discussion thread here. Elite Elephant Archers -2 armor vs anti-cavalry archer attacks from 0 to Incan free llama bonus is no longer tied to the scout; requires Town Center on nomad-style maps.

Vietnamese reveal enemy bonus no longer works in full tech tree games. Malay infinite fish trap bonus no longer works in full tech tree games. Khmer no building requirement bonus no longer works in full tech tree games. Teuton team bonus no longer overrides Faith technology in post-imperial age start games. Fixed the issue with siege workshops not receiving extra HP and armor in Imperial Age.

Fixed the issue causing the attack sound of Galleons to not play. Fixed the issue with buildings placed on Desert, Cracked terrain not receiving a bonus damage when being attacked.

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Hunting dogs effect no longer appears in games with starting ages later than Dark. Villagers and towers do a reduced bonus damage vs walls before castle age. Siege Tower collision size changed from 0. Coinage moved up to Castle Age, Banking moved up to Imperial age. Khmer receive Arbalest upgrade. Mayan farmers work at closer speed to the farmers of other civilizations. Experience real-time evolution as you lead one of the most powerful civilizations of the Middle Ages to greatness.

Decide whether to conquer the world through military might, commerce and diplomacy, or intrigue and regicide.

6 September, 2018

There are many paths to power, but only one will reign supreme! The Conquerers: New heroes to discover and new worlds to conquer! The Conquerors expansion adds five new civilizations, four new campaigns, eleven new units, twenty-six new technlogies, real world maps, and much more. Experience the adventure of the Spanish Conquistadors as they enter the exotic lands of the Aztecs, or relive the destructive force of Attila's pillaging Huns.