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Does that stop the update screens entirely or does it still attempt to? It'd have to replicate itself on another machine to be a virus.

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What your describing would be closer to a cancer, although that's not a technical term. That would make any bit torrent software updator a virus, although this is a behavior real viruses would have. Windows is explicitly installed by the user. Plus, this feature is one of the useful ones. Well, it does reinstall and run the update program against the user's will and knowledge… but true, if you did want to update then it'd be handy. Time was you'd call software that randomly forced your PC to shut down "a virus," now it's apparently just expected behavior for an OS. One thing that cracks me up is the idea that people need to set "active hours" to avoid unwanted interruptions on Windows This wasn't necessary twenty years ago, and it shouldn't be necessary now.

No other platform requires this. I also love the fact that they thought ahead of the "never update" grandmas and said "you can't just say all hours are active hours" before anyone even tried it. Quite literally, yes. Same here. Now my whole family uses Ubuntu and nobody misses Winblows.

It adds syntactic sugar inspired by Ruby, Python and Haskell in an effort to enhance JavaScript's brevity and readability. CS intern: This is unacceptable, and will never see the light of day. I'll have you fi-". The worst happens with windows tablets with 32gb, once win10 starts updating the device is pretty much useless, forcing you to delete everything you have on it to make space for the updates. The OS is the most important thing on your hardware. Windows is priority. Which is fucking bullshit. Windows 10 made me switch fully to linux on everything besides my gaming pc.

There's too many dealbreakers. I bet some researcher will incover this thread some late night. He'll grip his hair in frustration. Late 90s. I could buy mad weed for that. It's a pretty cool solution to running Windows games on Linux. Looking Glass has been released. GPU Passthrough works on Ryzen 73 comments 3: Took me ages to fix this 6 comments. I'm a bot, beep boop Downvote to remove Contact me Info Opt-out. I need to look into this, I tried wine but there's some stuff that just doesn't run or run well with it. I've tried it, but some games don't work. It's more convenient to just keep a windows pc only for gaming.

I switched to Linux on every single device I own.

How to install mine imator MAC!

Including my Gaming PC. Games on Windows, everything else on Manjaro. I'm assuming dual boot then? I can't do dual boot for some reason. I only use my windows for gaming and don't really have much else. It's just a glorified console for me right now. My other pcs and server either run arch pc and debian server. I feel you mate. Bought a new laptop and it came with windows Such a freaking bloatware of an OS. I did not even backup my Windows key. To hell with it.

Installed linux mint and have never looked back since. Even though cinnamon crashes every day atleast once, it works better than Windows. There isn't a Windows key any more. Windows sends an ID based on your hardware to Microsoft for registration, so it will automatically activate if you do reinstall Windows at some point. Kubuntu is great but you can install Plasma on Linux Mint too: Does plasma have a similar feel to it like windows? I use cinnamon because it's very easy to use for my family as well. Yes, it has the familiar taskbar and start menu that most people are used to.

The top cross, minimise and maximise buttons are all as expected, and it's very much a desktop environment for "power users" as well as being quite accessible for basic users.

The new versions have replaced the default action of single-clicking to open everything to double-clicking, which also makes it more like Cinnamon or Windows. On older versions of Plasma, just change the setting for this. If you want to give Plasma a try, you can install it on Mint your mileage may vary - I'd advise taking a restore point with Timeshift, which you'll have to install from a PPA or boot Kubuntu You could also install Kubuntu directly, but that's a bit reckless if you're not sure yet and don't have backups: I'm planning to get an SSD and replace my optical drive with it.

Only problem is that I can't find a 9mm caddy for my ideapad Once I get that working, I'll surely give plasma a try. For reference, a quote from the creator of Linux. I just built an amd gaming box last month combat crate ftw and its amazing. There are some power management issues on neon I haven't bothered to sort out yet, but otherwise it works great. Also plasma is so ridiculously fast, coming from win7. Kudos to the devs, they're doing great work over there. Thanks for the heads up.

I will do a test run first to see if the number of crashes are equal to or less than cinnamon. Isn't it resource heavy though? I like computers to be snappy. Haven't heard good things about recent gnome release. I guess it is resource hungry, I don't notice with 16gb ram and 8cores 4. Yeah wouldn't recommend it for any older computer. Or anything with an atom. Pick one.

Never once would I call it snappy. Downright unusable. These are the words that come to mind.. I gave up, it is now collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. I have an asus eeebook. Took a long time to get it working with xubuntu. But it's snappy for sure. Easy to work on documents and gnucash. I couldn't get a steady stream going on anything. As I was planning on using it to watch stuff, I shelved it. I like Plasma and all, and it's definitely the most advanced of the major DEs, but I wouldn't exactly call it stable. It might not crash every day, but it's definitely not stable. You could probably sell it online.

Don't think its legal though. Those are OEM licences, that are linked to the motherboard where Windows is installed first. If you change the motherboard the the license stops working. I was still able to install windows on a vm because there was some way to read the product key from your motherboard. You can transfer it to a VM on the same physical machine under the terms of the license agreement. So presumably the online checker thingy works with that.

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I thought it'd be illegal to ban reselling. If I've bought something, why can't I sell it to someone if I don't want it? Because you don't own windows license. You just lease it. Microsoft is still the owner and can and will do anything it wants with it even when its in your hardware. You can't resell it till you become an official reseller.

This is what I've understood. I may be wrong though. Even if you become an official reseller, I'm pretty sure Microsoft doesn't let you sell "used" licenses, doing so without their permission is illegal. You are right though, it's your hardware, but you only have what is effectively a lease on the software. The only way to change that is by completely ditching proprietary software like Windows for Libre software like some Linux distros, hence this sub lol. I would never purchase new hardware that has OEM windows install.

When support for Win7 ends in I imagine a lot of people will be migrating to Linux. Windows just keeps getting shittier and Linux keeps getting better. Then you've got Vulkan on the horizon and it's not hard to imagine that the days of Windows being the "avid users OS" is numbered. I'm still trying to figure out which Distro to go to, I might just keep it simple and use Ubuntu. Problem is that many multiplayer-titles use Anti-Cheat with uses kernel hooks like battle-eye. Obviously they don't work with wine. But I am happy to see that a lot of singleplayers coming, support vulkan so you should get almost native performance.

Hopefully Wine devs figure out the solution to anti-cheat and battle-eye. I wonder if Wine devs added virtual machine support regarding anti-cheat and battle-eye so if game checks for anti-cheat and battle-eye, Wine simple redirects these checks to Windows 10 virtual machine file and games anti-cheat and battle-eye gets fooled into thinking its running on Windows If this is even possible.

Currently the best option to play anti-cheat and battle-eye cursed games on Linux i think is to GPU passthrough to Windows 10 virtual machine via QEMU but it requires user to be advanced. I wonder if doing this would inadvertently support cheating as users could figure out how to cheat by playing the game on Linux instead. But wine isn't a VM or emulator. Or are you saying wine should add a VM the game runs on top of or something? No, all i am saying is give Wine access to Windows installation files inside VirtualBox disk image so Wine can redirect game to original Windows files so games anti-cheat and battle-eye is fooled into thinking game is running on legit Windows.

That's not how battle eye works. It needs the kernel calls, as well as access to the game's memory. But this is way outside the scope of wine currently. I guess that the effort for making ani-cheats work would have to be from anti-cheat developers, not from wine. I honestly only have Windows 10 on my laptop because I have to use it for work.

Such a better experience, and all the games I play work flawlessly on it. My Gentoo runs fine on 64GB.

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  • GNOME is a bit too resource heavy for my liking. I use Linux exclusively for work. Unfortunately, I have not yet made the jump personally. I play too many games and I'm afraid. Blessed be Linux. I was sick of Windows, I installed it with Dual Boot, to try. Never booted windows again. This is my story to a T, except I made the switch when they killed the start menu on Windows 8 and never looked back. I felt born again, a new man! Thank God I ditched Windows 10! It was a piece of crap! I migrated to Linux Mint in November of last year because Minecraft JE kept lagging like hell on the piece of junk laptop I used to have.

    Found my way to Linux after windows told me that my laptop wasn't able to run win10, although it was able to run win7 smoothly As of Windows 10, I don't do Windows support anymore. We're talking about a basic user who just wants to browse the web.

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    No photoshop, no gaming, etc; a prime candidate for Linux. A bonus is that people who come over can't fuck up the machine by installing junkware. Checked in on them last week and they're happy with it. I would like to stress that I don't actively or aggressively push Linux on people like some would do. I just don't do Microsoft support anymore, not after the things they've done. Compromise buy a console for gaming and never use Winblows on a decent piece of hardware that you care for.

    Speaking as a purely single player gamer, this is debatable and I would disagree. What publishers will do tomorrow, is anyone's guess. With a console, I don't need to ask Nazi assholes for permission to play the games that I bought, and I don't need to worry about them stealing my passwords or secretly scraping data from or injecting data into my web browser either.

    Sure, I can't modify console games, at least not easily. That's one area where PC games still reign supreme. But the majority of games today don't allow user-made maps and such, because they would rather sell you DLC and then move you onto next year's game than sell you something that lasts for literal decades like Doom continues to do. It's not just the modification of hardware though. You cannot choose which software you want to install, and they restrict who has access to the development tools.

    And a large part of their business model is paying developers to not make the title available on other platforms. And those points you made above are completely valid as well. I guess one has to decide which business practices irk them the least and go from there. I miss the games industry of the s. Rather have chunky graphics over the tactics that are in practice today Yes, the reason as to why I do not use either one.

    I made a mistake trying to avoid using Windows for gaming, got a console and give up on gaming all at once. I will not use Windows nor consoles. Gaming is dead for me now but I have had a good run with it is been fun..

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    As much as I hate Windows it beats a console for gaming any day unless you enjoy not being able to edit key mappings, think 30 FPS is wonderful, likes paying more for games and no options to make things better like buying a better GPU or switching graphics options. Someone chooses Windows over Linux for gaming I think it's just not a good long term option but I understand it. Someone chooses a console over Windows and well you just went full retard. On a more serious note I think smartphones have basically replaced portable games consoles for most people and I think that's sad.

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