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Because of the way it's mounted, it feels VERY solid while inserting thumb drives Works with no problems. What I didn't realize however is that you can't mix USB formats on the same hub. If you have a USB 3.

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Sabrent 4-Port USB 3. Good Job!! This is great. I detest having to rotate my iMac 27" to reach the USB ports. I also don't like having unwieldy usb hubs laying around.

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The Sorbent 4-port hub fits perfectly. Snapped on in a sec. To install, I placed the front tabs in their position and then moved the USB plug to the desired position. Went great. It is made our of hard plastic I have used it a few times to make sure it works. Things seem fine. I do use external speakers for my iMac. I did switch over to the internal speakers after installing the USB hub and can not tell any problems there I've added a few photos so that Great card reader and usb port reader! We wanted something up on the desk that would be easily accessible and this is perfect for that! We have it on the computer desk and plugged into the computer.

I take pictures and it is a lot faster to have something to plug the card into than to plug in the camera and upload the pictures. Simple and easy to use. This hub works perfectly. We use our laptop as if it were a desktop It has to be plugged in to an outlet, but that works out well, as you can do things like charge a Fitbit, even if the computer is off. Very pleased with this product!

Excellent time saver!

USB Hub for Mac:

So far it's working as expected. Needed a hub to clone a source flash drive to multiple USB sticks simultaneously and it's working flawless so far. I can confirm that this updated model does support USB 1. I briefly connected my WD 4TB external drives to it and they were detected without a problem. Of course if I were using 3. Anker Unibody USB 3. Northeast Kentucky. No longer do my external devices go haywire when RF is present. I will now order another one since this one passed some strenuous tests here. I bought a staples brand 4 port USB hub prior to getting this one, and I must say that there is a HUGE difference in the quality of this one compared to what I was using!

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The staples brand kept slipping out of my port with little effort, which was very annoying. It also had flimsy wiring compared to this one. The HooToo stays in place and doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart when you touch it. I've been using it daily now for 2 months with no issues. Buying a few of these for Christmas gifts since it worked out so well for me! I purchased a USB-C hub before this one. The 1st has minor issue for connectivity. This is the 2nd USB-c hub I purchased. I was impressed by the versatile functions of this USB-C hub. These plugged-in device all work as supposed to do.

USB Hub for Mac

Reading large picture and video file from SD card is as fast as read from Horizontally positioned ports give a wide enough berth for most over-sized USB connectors, and an LED at the top of the hub indicates connection status. Though it can be powered solely through the USB connection when on the go, you can connect the hub to the five-foot power adapter cable for a higher power output, and free your laptop from the draw on its battery.

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  • At a pocket-sized 2 ounces, this aluminum-unibody hub is as small as a candy bar. Four USB 3. The 2 ft. USB cable connects this Anker hub to your laptop or desktop, and a velcro installation strip allows for easy attachment to any surface. The sleek white design of this Aukey USB data hub is unobtrusive and complements the look of most setups. Ten vertically oriented USB 3. The hub connects to your laptop via a detachable USB An included adapter powers the hub to prevent pulling charge from your laptop.

    The compact aluminum body, with a space gray finish that nicely complements the MacBook Pro, measures only 0.

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    A blue LED indicates that the hub is powered up and its two ports are ready for use. The smaller version is incredibly light at just heavier than half an ounce, and it measures 0. It's available in black, blue, metallic blue, and red. The four USB 2.

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    The larger size has four USB 3. The attached USB-C cable connects your laptop to the aluminum body of this hub, giving you access to all of its nine ports. The USB 3. This is a pricey but powerful laptop dock that doubles as a USB-C hub. Even positioned by itself on a desktop, this sturdy dock has a sleek and discrete appearance, and it's tilted upward for a comfortable typing position. The 8-foot AC adapter powers the two smart charging ports, so juicing up doesn't pull power from your laptop. Hot-swapping is supported, meaning you can safely plug in or unplug the hub while your computer is running.

    Windows, Mac, and Linux computers are all supported, and it requires no software to start up. This hard-working hub can support up to 10 USB 3. Each port has a dedicated power button and a blue LED to indicate if the power is on. Packing a powerful total of 13 USB ports, this hub charges tablets and phones as well as allowing you to connect card readers, mice, keyboards, headsets, and more.