Accent sur majuscule avec mac

Bah, que voulez-vous, tout fout le camp: Surtout pas! Les auto-collants tiennent combien de minutes?

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Depuis quand, des accents sur les majuscules? Les temps ils sont a-changeants…. Jef Tombeur: Jean-Luc Me suis-je bien fait comprendre?

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Je lui coupe le sifflet aussi sec, au mec. Un auteur, dites-donc! Et il jaspine dans le poste!

Accent et majuscule : Comment mettre des accents sur les majuscules

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Comment configurer le clavier Windows pour mettre des accents sur les majuscules ?

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N Routers. Nighthawk Routers. Powerline and Wall Plug Extenders. Wireless Access Points. Dans le cas contraire, la lecture est ralentie. So far, every answer here points in the same direction, that is accentuated letters in French should also be accentuated in upper case, so it is not useful to add my voice to the chorus to state the exact same thing. So why still make an answer? I just want to point out a location where uppercase letters should almost never be accentuated: It may sound silly, but it could also be a source of confusion if one was to stick with the accents and think they must be part of the crossing words as well.

Accents are irrelevent in pretty much all of the French crosswords.

Most people fill their crosswords with uppercase letters, but either way, this would be one case where accents are to be left out, uppercase or lowercase. Crosswords are no litterature, obviously, but they still use writing. Quand il devient capital d'accentuer ses capitales.

Extended French AZERTY Keyboard 1.7 Mac

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Accentuation des majuscules — Accents on upper-case letters Ask Question. L'article majuscule de Wikipedia, ou un manuel de typographie, couvre bien le sujet. Despite everything, you may still find unaccented capitals in the most random places.

Here's a shot of my Louis Segond translation of the Bible. Not putting an accent on a capital is considered an error. Here is the French Academy's position on this issue: Louhike Louhike 1, 8 Brennan Vincent: