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How To Connect Sony Handycam To Computer & Upload Into IMovie '09

Read the camera manual for more information. I've got a cable right now connecting the FireWire port on my iMac with the iLink on the camera. It used to work on a Windows computer couple of days ago. But I'll try to buy a new cable. This will be a good one?: PT PT. Go into the system profiler and see if the Firewire port shows up. Sometime the FW ports can lock up and need to be reset.

To reset, you have to unplug everything from the iMac and then unplug the imac from the wall for a few minutes. USB 2. Capture One Pro Sony Compatible with: Mac Windows. Learn more. Cascable Transfer Compatible with: Mac Windows Linux. Sony Imaging Edge Compatible with: Send us a message and we'll be in touch with you within business days. Customer Service I have questions about my order or need to place an order.

Description of warningmessagesIf messages appear on the screen, followthe instructions. Use a new one. HDV recorded tape. Play back the tape with theequipment that recorded it. Cannot addaudio. Using your camcorderabroadUsable cassette tapesPower supplyYou can use mini DV format cassettes only. Use a cassette with themark. The cassette can berecorded. The cassette cannotbe recorded writeprotected. Frequent use of the LCD screen or a frequentplayback, fast forward or rewind operationwears out the battery pack faster.

Werecommend using a large capacity battery pack: About i. This sectiondescribes the i. LINK standard and itsfeatures. What is i. LINK is a digital serial interface fortransferring digital video, digital audio,and other data to other i.

Connecting to a Macintosh computer

You can also control other devicesusing the i. LINK-compatible devices can beconnected using an i.

LINK cable. Possibleapplications are operations and datatransactions with various digital AVdevices. If the batteryis accidentally swallowed, consult a doctorimmediately. Using the Strap Beltas a wrist strapThis is useful for carrying your camcorder. LCD back light Microsoft Corporation in the U. Additional Inf or mation. Page 6 Reviewing the most recently recorded scenes Rec review Page 8 Step 1: Page 9 Step 2: Page 11 Charging timeApproximate time min. Page 13 Step 3: Page 14 Step 4: Page 15 Step 5: Page 16 Step 6: Page 17 Step 7: Page 25 is a reference page.

Page 29 Searching for a scene by date ofrecording Date search You can locate the point where therecording date changes. Page 30 Playing the picture on a TVUse any of the connection as shown in the following illustration. Page 32 Using the menu itemsFollow the instructions below to use each of the items listed after this page.

Page 33 Operation button itemsAvailable operation buttons vary dependingon the position of the lamp and the display PAGE. Page 38 Menu itemsPosition of lamp: Page 50 Dubbing sound to arecorded tapeYou can add sound to a tape alreadyrecorded in the bit mode p. Page 52 Jacks to connect external devicesCamcorderit to the end, and then tighten the screw.

Page 58 Package, contact information is listed on page Page 61 power source since it takes a few hoursto create a DVD.

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Page 63 TroubleshootingIf you run into any problems using your camcorder, use the following table to troubleshootthe problem. Page 64 The CHG charge lamp does not light while the battery pack is being charged. Page 66 The remaining tape indicator is not displayed. Page 67 The auto focus does not function.

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Page 68 Horizontal lines appear on the picture. Page 70 cable is connected to the input jack of another device for dubbing a picture from yourcamcorder. Page 71 [ON] p. Page 80 About i. Page 84 Using the Strap Beltas a wrist strapThis is useful for carrying your camcorder. Page 88 LCD B. Don't see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what's missing.