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Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats LVL LVL 1. I did as indicated above, but it seems to assume that you have the installation media for Office for Mac , which my client can not locate.

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Is there a location online that you can get the installer from? There isn't a legal place to retrieve the installer.

There isn't a tool to retrieve the Key for the Mac. The instructions Emmanuel gave will allow you to transfer the license to another Mac. You also need to copy the Microsoft programs from the Applications folder. That's the only legal, viable solution right now. One thing you can also try is to just run Migration Assistant and have OS X copy all the system files over. That should move everything over correctly. Learn More. Thanks for the reply. I did copy the applications folder over, per the earlier instructions along with the other files which I assumed included the license.

When I run Word, I just get the option to either enter a product key or purchase a product key. The client has been using this new Mac for a bit already so I'm assuming I can't confine the migration assistant to moving Office only, is that correct? No, Migration Assistant won't be able to copy just the Office files over, but you can copy just the Applications and the System files without copying over any User Data. If Office is already on the new system, you really only need to copy the 3 license files from the old system to the new one.

If it doesn't, then it's possible that Microsoft patched Office and broke that. Newer Office for Mac needs the original Product Key. The license files generated are tied to the system ID, so when you move it, you need to enter a new key to generate a new license file.

Are you sure the user has Office ? Office has the rounded letter Icons for the Applications. For example, the name contains slashes.

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Product Key Finder for Mac OS

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  3. Use a key finder program to locate your lost Microsoft product key.
  4. The Mac product key finder is something you can try. If I remember correctly, it works with Office but I do not know if it works with Office or The product key in Office was encoded in a plist file.

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    I'm not sure how Office and encodes the key but since it can detect a change in hardware and must be activated again, it's possible the key is not stored anywhere on your hard drive. Anyway, the Product Key Finder is worth a try. I believe they have a free version in addition to the pay one. Just found this. Might be worth a try, if you can access your old HDD. Please note that you should be looking for these folders in the root directory of the drive on which OSX is installed-- NOT in your user directory.

    I noticed that the key finder program I linked above does not work with Office since it states that the product key for Office is encrypted. If you have Office , it will work. Thank you all for the responses..

    Digging out a Microsoft Office Product Key - HELP | Mac Forums

    KevinJS thanks for the detailed instructions I'll give it a shot. Seems to be a lot of surplus work and suggestions for the OP and yet the MS version they were using wasn't even mentioned. Sorry, the posts were like two ships passing in the night… and I missed the OP's update.