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Fixed streaming password issue. Fixed an activation for all users issue. Fixed mirroring password issue. Compatible with macOS Sierra.

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Add iOS 10 navigation. Compatible with iOS Fixed the occasional grey screen after clicking Record butoon. Compatible with iOS 9. Improved converter stability. Added Portuguese to the multilingual version.

Support recording sounds from Microphone to add voiceover. Added French and Russian to the multilingual version. Added Japanese and Simplified Chinese to the multilingual version. Fix the audio out of sync issue in recorded videos. Add an extra lossless quality audio-only airplay receiver. Enhanced the display quality. Fixed a video export bug. Fix the problem that iOS devices can't be connected after password protection.

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Fix the problem of mirroring Photos app from iOS 7 to Mac. Support mirroring Amazon instant video. Fix the crash caused by screen layout in certain cases. Solve the screen rotation issue with the new iPhone 5S. Mirror iOS devices screen to Mac. Stream movies, music and photos from iOS devices to Mac. Record iOS screen on Mac. Fixed mirroring bug on iOS Fixed occasional connection failure. Airtame 2 uses the HDMI port on your screen to implement screen mirroring.


After that, you will have to connect to a common WiFi network and select your Airtame 2 device from the app. Once there, you can name it for easy identification and choose the network that you would like to use. Airserver requires a license on each of the device you plan to mirror on. For example, if you want to mirror from your iPad to your Mac, the Mac will need to have an Airserver license. Same goes for any device that you want to mirror to. The problem with such an approach is that it is difficult when scaling to large institutions that use multiple platforms. Take the case of a school with classrooms, each one of them having their own projector.

In such a scenario, multiple licenses will have to be bought and it is different for each platform.

It supports Google Cast, Miracast, and Airplay and comes with its own guest network. The deterring factor here is the price and it will be more suited to gamers and large organizations. Airserver has some unique presentation functionalities, including a split screen feature, enabling for multiple inputs and users to be sharing the screen simultaneously.

In a business setting, it can come in handy to switch easily between presenters and Airtame 2 gives you that advantage. If you want to keep some windows concealed and private while presenting, Airtame 2 has a feature called Single Window Sharing that will allow you to choose which specific window to stream and which to keep hidden.

Another great advantage of the Airtame 2 is the ability to secure your streaming with PIN Code Connect, where a unique pin is presented on your device screen you want to connect to. This will make sure you are streaming to the correct device every time, and stop anyone else hijacking the connection.

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This is one area where the Airtame 2 excels because of its cloud management tool. It allows you to manage multiple devices remotely without having to do it on each device individually. You can log in to your account at airtame. These details make a world of difference for an IT admin and they can control a lot of things right from their desk. Take the scenario of a startup that has offices in two cities, Copenhagen and New York.

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The IT admin working in New York can manage the devices right from his office as long as the devices are online. Airserver is a complete mirroring solution. It mirrors exactly what is present on your smartphone or iPad to a display. If you have a particular background image or signage on your device, you can mirror that on to the screen.