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Your first port of call should be your Avid Master Account. You will then see a list and you will see a list of your products, that will look a bit like this depending on what products you have. My list actually goes all the way back to a Pro Tools 6LE to 7.

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If you click on one of the entries, in this case below, my Pro Tools HD 7. This document has details and links back to Pro Tools 7.

Pro Tools 7

Another question we often get asked is about whether you can use an old version of Pro Tools on a current computer with a current version of the OS, or conversely, can you use the latest version of Pro Tools on an older computer. Our advice is that you should match the version of Pro Tools with the corresponding supported operating system versions. To do this, check the compatibility information below and find out which version of the Mac or Windows operating system was supported for that version of Pro Tools, and choose one of those supported operating systems.

Does My Version Of Pro Tools Work With My Computer And My Operating System?

If you need a newer version of your operating system for other software then you should upgrade Pro Tool to a version that is supported for that version of the operating system. Deviating away from this recommendations is likely to cause you problems and not be reliable as Pro tools, like any software is looking for hooks in the operating system to access certain parts of the system. These hooks change with different versions of the OS and so Pro Tools, or any other software, cannot find the hooks into the OS it is looking for and that usually causes crashes. If we take the Pro Tools 12 document as an example, it contains warning information at the top, in this case to alerts at the time of writing It then lists the minimum system requirements for Pro Tools 12 for both the Mac and Windows platforms Then there are sections which detail the supported Apple and Windows computers, which in later documents you click on a triangle relating to your computer and details of the supported models are given.

Because there are always only a small number of models of Apple Mac computers the Mac list is easier to follow.

However with Windows computers, the list is only a handful of the many computers out there, and the Windows list tends to consist of older models which can make sourcing a supported computer quite hard. James Ivey chose to go with a supported machine although it has been somewhat pimped, whereas Alan Sallabank has built his own machine using carefully researched components known to be Pro Tools friendly but at the end of the day his machine isn't approved by Avid, but it works very well for him.

NOticeably faster and my cPu can handle so many more plug ins and track counts at once. NOw i can stop fussing over all of this upgrade mombo jumbo and get back to what i like doing most -- playing guitar - Composing - and recording!!! G5's with PT 7. Totally stable.

Pro Tools LE for Mac OS X Compatibility & Upgrade Information

Totally dependable. Totally rocking.

Any experience with pt le7 and digi rack with 13 inch mac book duo core 1. Originally Posted by docscholl.

Pro Tools 7

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