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Trust Slimline Widescreen Tablet is a drawing tablet that you can get for a cheap price. It is quite adequate tablet for amateur and hobby use, but lacks certain features which professional or someone who uses it for serious work might need. In the package you get the tablet with 25 cm x 15 cm drawing area, pen, stand and 2 extra tips for pen. Drawing tablet is connected to a computer with USB connector. Pen uses 1 AAA battery. As usual, package mentions only Windows as supported operating system. However, this tablet is completely Linux compatible. If you plug it in, after a while you should see that you can move cursor by moving pen over the drawing surface.

And if you press the pen on surface you can open menus etc.

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So it seems to work out of the box. Except it does not. It kind of works with stock Ubuntu Behavior is erratic, and after pressing something, it may take a moment before the cursor follows pens movements. However, it is very easy fix this problem in Ubuntu All you need to do is install xserver-xorg-input-wizardpen package from ppa, edit one file and restart Xserver. First of all add this ppa repository, update and install wizardpen driver sudo add-apt-repository ppa: If you are using Ubuntu Now connect the tablet, and it should work as expected.

Tablet uses absolute position not relative and it will cover whole screen. In my case I noticed it covers automatically both screens of dual screen setup I have. Both buttons work, top button matches mouse right button, and lower button matches mouse middle button. Pressing the pen on surface is the same as clicking the left mouse button. What I mean with this, is that normally if you move the pen over the tablet surface you will see that the cursor follows the movements. If the pen has been away for certain period of time, you will notice that tablet seems not to respond the movements.

Hello My tablet work, he often falters. What can I do. When I click somewhere on the stick and 1 or 2 seconds are not responding. Perhaps you have a tip for me. Sincerely am. If you have not installed driver and configured it properly then tablet works in very erratic manner. Hardware incompatibility is possible, but without more specific information it is impossible to provide any solution to this dilemma.

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I installed the wizardpen driver and configured the file as you said. It works fine, except for the buttons. What can I do? If you mean pen buttons, they emulate mouse buttons. Pressing pen tip is left mouse click, two buttons on pen correspond left mouse and middle mouse buttons, respectively. With stock Ubuntu kernel and NVidia graphic drivers they have worked just fine both on 64bit and 32bit OS. Even if it was not considered compatible with Mac OS, I thought that it was just impossible.

So I just bought it. Once at home, the tablet indeed worked plug and play, apparently: I was surprised, in ArtRage the table worked but with no pressure levels… actually, pressure levels where random. Well, I bought it already and I simply never give up on software issues. There had to be a way to use the Flex on a Mac. It took the whole yesterday evening to come to a solution. You just have to go to this page and install the driver for the CyberTablet Z7 , an Adesso tablet!

The Flex will work like a charm, with full pressure levels support and all the rest, making you happy! There are pieces of information in various forums but nobody will tell you which model of tablet is supported and which driver you have to download. Forgive me for asking here, but, is OpenGEU dead!?! Maybe you could post an update over at that website?


Trust Flex Design Tablet on Mac OSX - How to make it work! - The Black Pit

Thank you. Thank You for your detailed post. I have CS5, I have installed the driver and it still does not work. I would appreciate any help. I had a doubt because I installed two drivers. First, did you restart your computer?

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A full restart. Really good news! Thank you very much for The info! Firs of all, Thank you for this tip. And for your own question whether it was the first driver or the second which you cave in your reply. Thankfully someone had cracked this problem. My macbook is hidden under the table and I only use the external display. Any ideas how I could get around this?

There was no option to correct this issue as far as I figured. With both on the Flex sees the whole desktop both screens as the area to cover When drawing with the Flex, I select the display driver to turn the second monitor off. ATI Catalyst Control Centre has the option of presets so I have single and a dual option modes and switch between them. Well, Wacom tablets are the best among the best, they should be better at almost every part of the drawing. Is your bamboo touch too? This is not touch, for example…. Obviously the touch one is not cheap at all, and is very large, but i ask you people a thing, the bamboo ones ary so better than the trust?

Also, when drawing with this tablet you can feel some sort of very soft scratch under the pen. When working on a bamboo, the surface is totally smooth. These drivers are simply great! Many thanks MD.

Has anyone tested this tablet on a Mac in Lightroom 3. Any experiences, comments? Hi, Great thread, has anyone tried to install on Linux? At first plug and play but had trouble with the sensitivity so tried to configure in GIMP and now only acts as a mouse to point and click. Will this work for the wacom Volito 2 tablet? None of these drivers seems to enable pen pressure with caligraphic brushes — the option is still greyed in as it is with a mouse…. I imagine that a lot of these tablets are similar behind the scenes.

The driver you pointed to did the trick. A quick question though… In Windows there is a utility that lets you change various settings such as what the buttons do and pen sensitivity. Is there anything similar that I can use on the Mac? Sorry but I have no clue about the custom configuration. Hi, I too have bought this tablet and am very pleased with it, it worked straight away with a few bugs but after installing the driver its fine except for the button, has anyone found how to configure them yet?

Hi, Has anyone got this working under It used to work fine under I have developed a mac driver for various Waltop OEM tablets. You can have a look at http: Give it a try and get in contact if you have further questions or ideas for improvement. It registers as a plug and play tablet driver with the system and supports pressure as expected from a stylus.

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  • Trust Flex Design Tablet on Mac OSX – How to make it work!!
  • Many thanks for the info on the Trust Flex Design Tablet. Bought one for my son at Christmas and forgot to check the Mac compatibility! Completely stupid to not include Macs these days — especially when most people in graphic design use them!

    Is there any way to get my trust slimline widescreen tablet 16529 to work on my mac os 10.5.8?

    Ciao, ho un problema non riesco ad usare la penna grafica che ho appena acquistato FLEX design Tablet su photoshop CS5 nel computer mac. Quando faccio per disegnare mi compare un rettangolo giallo dove posso lavorare ma non me lo importa su photoshop. When do I get to draw a yellow rectangle where I can work, but I do not care about photoshop. Thank you so much for this post. I managed to make it work by going to the site adesso side and finding the drivers page for tablets http: I hope this now helps others.

    Love ya! Do you have any solutions? I just received my one from ebay — I read your post a decided to give it a go. Thank you so much for sharing the procedure — it works excellent! Have a nice day. I was undecided to buy fot my MacBook Air… after finding your blog post I decided to buy it!

    trust slimline widescreen tablet 16529 for mac os

    You need to download this driver here and re-start your mac: Which driver did you try out? Hi, I was wondering, have you tried the table on Mac OS The page you link to for drivers seems to support only versions till This is fab — this blog saved my life when I first got the tablet. Thanks again.

    Trust Flex Design Tablet, la tavoletta grafica flessibile e leggera: Aaaah, the Adesso site seems to be down, and I just got a new mac with Mountain Lion so my old drivers will no longer work. Is there anywhere else I can download them from? But the link http: It works beautifully as a mouse, and in Photoshop CS5 the sensitivity to pen pressure is great. I can only make dots. I reset the tools and whatnot but otherwise I have no idea what to do about this.

    Any ideas? Thank you very much! Did you try and use this driver? Hey there! Installing the Q-Pad Driver from http: Hope that helps! Oh my god, thank you so much.

    Slimline Widescreen Tablet

    Fortunately I found you blog. Thank you so much for all the information! Probably the walltop one is the same thing also. My problem though is that I would like to map one of the buttons to something else than the right click or left click… middle-click would solve my problem as I could remap it with ahk. When I plug the device to my computer, it reacts: I have to force the escape.

    It worked with previous versions of OSX, now I cannot test it anymore, sorry. Hope that somebody reading this knows the answer. Trust Flex Design Tablet, tavoletta grafica flessibile e leggera: Very helpful. Thank you But how do I adjust things like the sensitivity? I see no settings anywhere. I find all settings in the Mac OSX settings app! Which works fine and also includes a handy application called PenPad that allows you to configure the tablet and check that pressure is responding.

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