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It probably has something to do with the fact that blush is usually the first colorful thing I add, whereas everything else is pretty neutral. I always use a powder blush in a bright vibrant color like orange or bright fuchsia. But first, I swipe a little setting powder under my eyes to set my concealer and down on my cheeks.

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This was a tip I learned from makeup artist Fiona Stiles. I like to apply blush before highlighter because, as Stiles also told me, sometimes the shimmer in your blush is enough. Highlighter is one of my go-to makeup items. When I only have five minutes to do makeup, I do brow, concealer, blush, highlight, and a lip. Then, I use an angled brush to blend it all in.

On lazy days, I skip straight to this step. Sometimes a lip has got to be enough. I cover my entire lip with liner to help my lipstick last a lot longer—a pro-approved tip I learned from my mother. Over that, I add a layer of matte liquid lipstick in a color that matches the liner pretty closely. Then apply a lipstick color that works well with the lip liner shade. Makeup artist Hector Simancas likes to use both setting powder and spray to keep makeup in place, and I take a similar strategy.

Mascara is my very last step because I've found that if I put it on before my setting spray it usually ends up streaking down my face. I also make sure to keep Q-tips handy to easily clean up inevitable stray smudges without ruining all my work.

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Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. New Year's Challenge. Whether you prefer a cream blush and a matte bronzer or a shimmer bronzer and powder blush; you will find everything you need to create your killer look. Shop the whole collection online at LookFantastic, now! Designed to provide a natural looking glow or accentuate a natural tan, this five piece collection has been formulated to provide a smooth, even application on all skin types.

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Subtly tinted powders that add a sun-kissed glow to all complexions, Mac bronzers can be used day or night to add a delicate sun-kissed radiance. The sheer, natural colour works to enhance all skin tones, providing a natural, golden glow all year round. The best tip for applying Mac Bronzer is to apply it to the areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit, including:.

Sorry, we can't find any results that match your chosen filters. Skip to main navigation Skip to main content. Dry your waterline before applying eyeliner.

This one is easy. Before applying eyeliner to your waterline, take a cotton swab and rub it along your waterline to dry it completely. This removes any moisture from your eye, as well as any eye shadow pigment that may have fallen on the area. Di Sarro tightlined mine with M. Eye Kohl in Costa Riche. Never use a shimmery powder to contour.

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Di Sarro used a foundation one shade darker than my skin tone to create the illusion of depth under my cheekbones. Anything with iridescence would defeat the purpose, so put down that shimmery bronzer. It isn't doing what you want it to do.

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Always take a step back from the mirror and look at yourself from further away. This is another simple and easy tip, but one that will save you a lot of time and anguish. You may obsess over a tiny imperfection in your eyeliner when you're this close to an ultrabright, supermagnified mirror.

If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a step back and take a deep breath and look at yourself from the distance that most people will see you. Chances are, you look fierce, and your tiny little eyeliner blunder is completely unnoticeable.

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Here's what I looked like after my M. So was this lesson worth it? If you're a makeup newbie like me, definitely. I learned how to do an everyday glamorous look that I would actually wear every day.

And if you live in New York City, the M.