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I also use a compact M. C Studio Fix for light touch ups during the day. The fact that it is so light it helps my make to stay in place without me having to worry. The SPF is the best part about the product.

I would say this is my miracle cream. It hides my pigmentation very well and keeps my skin shiny and moisturized during the whole day. For anyone with dark spots, mild acne and fine lines I reckon this tube would do just fine. But for those who have severe acne and breakouts I do not recommend this product because the coverage is medium.

Anyone blessed with clear skin can wear this product on its own.

Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35 | Beautypedia

I have been using this product daily and it is perfect for trips to the mall or movie dates. And the fact that it is travel friendly also helps. It has a nice flowery fruity scent to it as well. I think whenever I buy a product that is one of the first things I do. I smell before I put it on!! And also get the weird eye from the shop assistant. The only major flaw of this product is the shade range.

They do not have too many shades in this range just 9 which is a little disappointing.

BY Shuvashree Biswas

Also like I said it gives medium to light coverage, so for all those seeking something heavier I do not recommend this product at all. Another problem is breakouts, I have a colleague who used the same product and had breakouts within a week. She told me it could be due to the presence of silicon in the product. So I recommend you do a trial run before you buy this product.

Keeps your friends guessing if your wearing makeup or not. A small quantity is enough hence no wastage. SPF is a bonus. Boo to the sun!! Does not get too oily or greasy during the day. The slight smell of the product is quite delicious. I try not to taste it!! Travel friendly. Shade range is a major factor. Can lead to breakouts, so I recommend you go on a trial first before buying it. Medium Coverage, so for all those looking for something heavier this product is not meant for you.

This cream glided on and blended very easily and the colour, Light on my pale skin matched a treat. For those that love a dewy finish this product is a must. It felt and looked great enough for my boyfriend to comment I look glowing. A touch of powder and this set perfectly for the whole day. I haven't had a lot of luck with BB creams in the past. You are usually only give the option of light, medium or dark - I tend to opt for medium and nearly always end up orange. I believe that there are a choice of 7 different colours so the chances of finding one that matches well is much higher.

I went into a store to get colour matched and they did half my face in the beauty balm and half my face in the compact. I much preferred the feel of the balm. It honestly didn't feel like I was wearing anything more than a mousturiser. Colour wise the match was great. My face is lighter than my body so we decided to colour match closer to my body. When the makeup artist applied it with a brush it was near invisible. It blended into my skin that well.

Although I was sent a brush as part of the trial I mostly applied it using my fingers and this did leave it looking a little tiny but streaky - although that was only up close in the mirror. If you stepped back it just left my skin looking even and luminous. I have normal to oily skin and found it moisturizing enough to use on its own. I loved the fact that it had SPF Upon application it left my skin with a healthy looking sheen.

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I really liked the finish of it. I found that it lasted well throughout the day. It didn't transfer into my clothes or children! The coverage was medium - I could still see my natural skin underneath but it became more even. I liked the label of coverage as it didn't leave my skin looking like it was caked with foundation - just even and natural. I wore it on its own without makeup and it looked fine - just like my natural, now perfect, skin!

I had one blemish during the trial period and it totally disguised the redness of it. I am really happy with this BB. In fact it is the best BB that I have tried so far. Would not hesitate to recommend it. I went down to David Jones in Melbourne and was colour matched by the lovely Annie. She was fantastic, showing me exactly how to apply and also answered any of my questions, such a lovely lady!!! The shade chosen for me was a really good colour match to my skin, you almost wouldn't know the difference but now my skin was so even. I am impressed that it actually has an SPF35 which is great for all year around, and especially now in the Melbourne heat of summer where it really does have some staying power and my face didn't really sweat much and didn't have an oily sheen which I've found some BB creams do give me.

I've only had to have minimal touchups during the day which makes it pretty much close to using a foundation although this is much lighter, great for summer days.

MAC’s Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35

There's no smell to it and is very easy to apply. They recommend to use a blending brush to really get great coverage which they included in my trial pack yippee, how wonderful they are to ensure that I will use it appropriately. The packaging of the BB like all M. C is sleek and sophisticated whilst being easy to use. I was colour matched as light and this is the perfect colour for my fair, freckled skin.

The texture of this product is a little thicker than other BB's I have used and I prefer this. It is easily blended and although it is lightweight it lasts the entire day! I do however primer before hand and set with a translucent powder. The finish of this BB is more dewy, and it's not my preferred look the compact provides more full matte coverage however it is perfect for a fresh faced minimal look.

It leaves your skin feeling soft and really does smooth out any imperfections. SPF is a must for me on a daily basis so the fact it is in this BB that is also a huge plus! I was very excited for this trial again, thank you BH. However, it is very different this time, we need to book an appointment with appointed MAC store as listed in BH email. The in store experience is amazing, colour match artist-Annie is very professional and experience in colour matching, products informations and application techniques. Annie first have a look on my no make up face, she then determined the colour of the BB cream.

She explained to me compact it is for more dry-dry combination skin with medium coverage; however, the tube BB cream it is for skin trend to be oily to oily combination skin with light coverages. As my skin is trend to be oily T-zone in summer, and normal in winter, she tried on two kinds of BB cream on me. I found the colour of the compact is more of heavy, and white-pink. So she went to applied tube BB cream. I received the product on 6th Feb, Thursday.

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It is very nice the trial products came into a stylish MAC bag, two kinds of BB cream- tube and compact and a angled-brush. I can't wait to try on the product the next day.

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I expect the BB cream it is a bit more oily, but it felt stickiness when I first applied, however, it settle afterward. The colour it is not as close as my skin tone, but I won't expect it will be closely match because it is not a foundation. My skin felt breathable, no breaks out, no shiny on my t-zone. The bb cream provide very good as a pre make up base.

I love the cream very much. Non fragrances, easy to use. I loved the design and mostly the quality of the products. You need to log in or become a member to leave a review. Looking to add a few goodies to your make-up bag? Check out these member-reviewed make-up products before you stock up! It has mad a big difference to typical dry skin areas: Once again Maybelline does not disappoint with this latest addition to the super stay coverage range. This foundation is super easy to use and it glides onto your skin smoothly. Some Palmolive scents can be poorly blended, but this hand wash smells lovely!

There is more vanilla than almond scent. It's interesting how we discover products - I learn a lot from here on BH, friends and also some of the…. That is a breakthrough, if this does come into fruition. Has any other beauty on BH heard about this….

Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35

As we get older our eyes tell it the most. There are so many treatments for under eyes and fine lines…. With the advent of technology, things took a drastic change, as people started using the online sites…. Hello buddy, Good day to all. And also sorry for my off topic here. I need your help with one of my…. Skip to main content. Request new password. You are here. Reviews Articles Reviews reflect the honest opinions of beautyheaven members. Cheapskate 16 Feb 4: Elly S 30 Mar Any Tips?: Ideal For Overall this is a fantastic product minus the smell! Use fingers or a beauty blender to blend over a brush.

Maria42 23 Jan 6: Put a little bit at the back of your hand and use a flat kabuki brush to apply it to your face.

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Also works as a primer. Michelle 2 Oct 4: Charlotte 8 Jul 7: For dry skin ensure your face has been exfoliated to ensure the product does not get caught amongst dry skin. Marjmd 30 May 7: BrownEyedGirl79 29 Apr 2: AreYouBoldEnough 5 Apr 5: Emily 25 Mar It isn't orange like most other bb creams as well. It also just sinks into my skin to look like my skin but better! Apply with fingers! For oily skin apply powder. School Everyday When you cannot be bothered putting makeup on.

M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35

Amydeville 28 Feb 3: You can definitley build up the product if you're chasing more coverage but for those days where you don't really want to be putting a lot of makeup on the face it's perfect! Use a primer first and then a foundation brush to apply the product. Lilypilly 10 Feb 1: Alexandra39 10 Feb 1: I shall be adding this to my make up from now on. Those who love a fresh faced look with a light finish. You are probably best off getting colour matched for this, unless you are confident of your MAC colour.

That way you ensure that you have the perfect BB and don't end up looking orange, like I found most others made me look. Use the MAC blender brush No , it really helps to get better coverage and evenness. Jacq 9 Feb I applied the BB cream using my fingers rather than brush. The heat of the finger aids in blending the cream effectively. Low on time? Look and feel good with our easy-peasy beauty routine.

Read More. Best in Beauty winners: Makeup Read More. Innovations we never saw coming. The products we never expected to see — and now can't live without! BB creams with sunscreen Coverage and protection all in one tube. Add to favourites. Review This Product. Best in Beauty Runner Up C stores, www. Follow M. C on Facebook.