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This involves converting everything to raster images, it seems, which is definitely not the best, especially when dealing with text-based PDFs. Do not use convert for postscript or PDF files unless you go from vector to raster and never go back. It is hard to overstate what a bad idea this is.

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Apache PDFBox http: This is perfect. Because it offers many more options, qpdf 's command line is not as simple; the original request to merge file1 and file2 can be performed with qpdf --empty --pages file1. So much this. Despite searching for pdf manipulation tools via pacman -Ss pdf , I missed this. Thanks for this answer!


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I should receive way more upvotes, so it shows up right next to suggestions for pdfunite or pdftk. Martin Seeler 5, 2 25 Trupti Kini Trupti Kini 1 2. Andrea Vacondio Andrea Vacondio 6 This is the easiest solution if you have multiple files and do not want to type in the names one by one: SaTa SaTa 2 7. In case this can help someone: Greg Sadetsky Greg Sadetsky 3, 1 22 In such a case, switching to Python may be overkill, since you can just batch: Given how similar this looks to the original question, it seems like this should have been a comment, not an answer.

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Silfheed No, it answers the question! Although the answer maybe should have more elaborated. In an example, the following list: This will require both the fpdf and fpdi libraries which can be downloaded here: You can easily do what you want with it and much more. Skeleton code works like this: We are on PyPi.

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As my post says, websites are often in shared hosting environments, or in situations where you cannot ssh in. After searching many of the available pdf libraries, the only thing which worked perfectly for me is https: Pdftk is full of bugs. There is no good reason why manipulating PDFs should require Java I also agree with you but it is bug free. We were using ec2 instances so we have installed.

Clique em Abrir no canto inferior direito da janela. Clique em Arquivo no canto superior esquerdo da tela do Mac.

Icecream PDF Split&Merge

Se quiser alterar a ordem das imagens, arraste-as para cima ou para baixo na barra lateral esquerda. Clique em Imprimir.

Clique em PDF na caixa suspensa no canto inferior esquerdo da janela. Em seguida, um menu suspenso vai aparecer.

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Clique em Salvar como PDF no menu suspenso. Digite um nome para o arquivo. Selecione um destino para o arquivo. Baixe o aplicativo "PDF Photos". Abra a. Toque em Adicionar fotos no final da tela. Selecione as fotos. Toque em Adicionar fotos no final da tela. Selecione as fotos. Toque em Pronto no canto superior direito da tela. Pode ser preciso tocar em OK antes de continuar. Salve o PDF no aplicativo "Arquivos". Abra o aplicativo. Selecionar as fotos desejadas. Toque em. Toque em PDF do lado da seta apontando para a direita no topo da tela.

Combine multiple PDF files into one

Toque em Salvar PDF na parte inferior da tela. Abra o PDF. Toque em Abrir PDF e selecione o programa a ser usado caso solicitado. Avisos Os arquivos JPG perdem a qualidade com o tempo, o que os torna um formato inconveniente para armazenar imagens em longo prazo.