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I didn't even realise it was so close to release lol. I haven't played the previous game yet. I'll get the both at some point after finally getting BF You should PM them to interested parties instead of posting them here. Just so people know which are taken, you know? Never mind, Origin livechat gave me a new one free. Say what you will about EA and Origin and their crappy business practices, but damn do they have amazing customer service that poops on Steam's horrid customer service. I don't have high hopes, but it should be fun and I do have a full team to play with.

I bought it. I played one round of multiplayer before I decided I was too tired for more video games. It wasn't terrible. It certainly has its own unique feel. I will probably enjoy the multiplayer, but I don't have high hopes for the single player, especially with what Black Ops 2 is promising to have in single player. Plus after playing Spec Ops: The Line, I just haven't realized how low the bar is for stories in military shooters, and I haven't seen anything in MoH: WF to make me think it can possibly surpass the genius Spec Ops story, or even CoD story which isn't amazing, but does the job.

The campaign is all I care about since the first game's was excellent - good story, good characters and a pleasant, realistic feel. I'm not sure how well it will work as it's based on multiple events as opposed to MoH's Operation Anaconda, but I'm optimistic. Zubinen I haven't played through much of the campaign so far but so far I've only noticed designed decisions that I like for instance the grenade indicator has a border that is bright red when grenades are near and it fades to white as you move away, you unlock different options for door breaching like using a tomahawk, crowbar, etc.

I pre ordered Black Ops 2 as well but so far the MOHW campaign has been enjoyable to me, it is linear but has a different feel to it, perhaps partly due to the story being based in real events, but at the same time some may not find it as entertaining for this same reason. It will probably be better then I give it credit for, but I know the narrative won't be a focus and that disappoints me.

2. Insurgency

I've been talking non stop about Spec Ops lately, but I just LOVED the story there, it gave war a treatment of respect and maturity, and while Medal of Honor does seem to be striving for authenticity and realism at least more so then the outlandish Battlefield and Call of Duty games , and the actual mechanics and levels and such look like a blast, I just I want better writing in games dammit! At least I'm not air guitaring with my buddy after wanton murder, though actually that was pretty awesome in Army of Two and you know what I take that back, it would be awesome if I could do that here, maturity and realism be damned.

Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Ownsin Follow Forum Posts: Apparently the Xbox beta sucked ass, so a no go for me until a sale. Big negative on that one good buddy, gonna hold on to that cash for something better.

1. Call of Duty

Realmjumper Follow Forum Posts: For games like these I usually wait a year or two for a price drop. I don't see myself ever buying it, TBH. MyopicCanadian Follow Forum Posts: Games Like Battlefield The game supports both single and multiplayer modes. Each character has its unique skills, a set of weapons, and…. It is the eighth entry in the series of Call of Duty and third game in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The game starts….

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Modern Warfare 3. Red Crucible: The game takes place in the stunning world and offers you an open environment to move freely without any limitations. There are a variety of missions and objectives…. Games Like Red Crucible: The game is much inspired by the popular comic book which is produced by Top Cow Production, Inc. It is the second entry in the popular series of Call of Duty and introduces enhanced mechanics, controls, environment and gameplay. The game takes place during WWII and includes a new mode….

Games Like Call of Duty 2. It is the sixth entry in the series of Call of Duty and the direct sequel to Modern Warfare. The game revolves around the Task…. Modern Warfare 2. Day of Defeat: It revolves around between two factions such as the…. Games Like Day of Defeat: Operation Flashpoint: The game takes place in the historical world in and offers an open world environment with vehicle element. You can take on the role of the…. Games Like Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. Star Wars: The series supports both Single and Multiplayer modes and takes place in the fictional Star Wars Universe.

It centers on the protagonist named as Kyle Katam, who is a former officer and…. Games Like Star Wars: Jedi Knight. It is the sequel to the Duke Nukem 3D released in as an exciting installment of the long-running series named Duke Nukem. Games Like Duke Nukem Forever.

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The game takes place in the fictional land filled with enemies. You can get into the role of the protagonist and your primary goal is to survive as long…. Games Like Fistful of Frags.

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Win Mac PS2 Amazon. It is the first marvelous entry in the series of Sniper Elite and revolves around the main protagonist named as Karl Fairburne.

The game puts you into the massive battle of Berlin in …. Games Like Sniper Elite. Interstellar Marines: The game takes place in the science-fictional world where you takes on the role of the main protagonist, who must explore the breathtaking environment…. Games Like Interstellar Marines: Spearhead Edition. Star Wars Jedi Knight: The game takes place in the Star Wars universe and offers the customization feature, enabling the player to modify the gender and appearance of the character, and….

Jedi Academy. The game brings an exciting storyline, in which behind the veil of secrecy, an evil empire is establishing the doomsday…. Which is frankly a shame And since warfighter is a sequel which uses basically the same game format Game Description: A rare-of-a-kind FPS where you can't blast your way in COD style but you're also not a sniper-assassin with 60 weapons and 40 ways to complete a mission.

Here the missions are realistic and inspired by actual witnessing of former soldiers which gives it a "real" feel that doesn't happen quite often. Wikipedia Information: As you might have guessed i'm kinda nooby with wine engines therefore any help would be greatly appreciated I have a CD Key that I bought btw. It should be working. If not, look at the Wine app database for tips https: But after installing the game, i'm stuck on the first cinematic and can't toogle the main menu..

Will look around to see if I can manage to fix it. Here's the log below fixme: NtQueryObject Unsupported information class 3 err: K32EnumPageFilesA 0xf0, 0xc stub fixme: K32EnumPageFilesA 0xf0, 0x stub fixme: ProcessDeviceMap fixme: SetThreadIdealProcessor 0x2a8: SetThreadIdealProcessor 0x2ac: