Mac mini hard drive replacement ssd

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Mac Mini Mid 2010 SSD Installation

Introduction Use this guide to completely replace your mini's hard drive. Step 1 Bottom Cover. Add a comment. Add Comment. Step 2.

Can You Upgrade the Hard Drive or SSD In Your Mac?

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Step 9. Step Step 12 Hard Drive. Step 18 SSD Installation. The hard drive or SSD is one component that you often can replace yourself, especially in older Macs.

Installing an SSD in Mac Mini?

Before doing anything you need to be sure exactly what model Mac you have. This will help you figure out if you can upgrade the hard drive in your Mac, and help you find the right parts. If your Mac is more than a few years old, you can almost certainly upgrade the hard drive. While it is possible to replace the hard drive on any Mac not listed above, how difficult it is varies wildly with the model. The Mac Pro is designed to have its hard drive replaced easily, while an iMac requires you to remove the entire screen.

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Option 3. Fresh install easiest but takes longer than cloning because you are reinstalling everything!

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A fresh install is recommended if you already have backups of your files e. Time Machine or you think your computer is compromised by viruses or malware.

Mac mini Mid 2010 Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

Or maybe it is time for a fresh start. It ensures nothing is carried over from the old hard drive. Step 1b. Read our blog on creating a Mavericks usb drive Step 2. Power off your Mac Mini Step 3.

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  • Reinstall any applications and restore your backed up files. Tools and software you will need for option 3: View Cart 0 items My Account.

    What Macs Hard Drives Can You Upgrade?

    Mac Mini clone kit - everything you need for Option 1. Mac Mini 2nd drive kit - everything you need for Option 2. Part No: We're here to help, Call Us! Selection, Service, Savings and Support.