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Dragging all these things into a dozen different places in the new CS5. And really, why should I have to? When I buy a new Mac, on initial startup it offers to import everything from my old Mac. One click of the mouse and all my applications, documents, settings, preferences, accounts, passwords and permissions are seamlessly imported to the new machine. If Apple can do this for an entire computer, surely Adobe can do it for a single application!

Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. This new migration tool is intended to make new PS installs, reinstalls, upgrades, and system moves as painless as possible. Am i really the only who thinks that UI changes are not features?

Adobe CS5 - Photoshop Install

It is application software to help me do stuff. If the UI sucked before then it should be improved for free.

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So how much real feature improvement is there here. What new things can i do to pictures text and photographs that i could not do before. Or are we now living in an Apple world where people only worry about what they look like when they use it, not what it actually does? Hello Mike, thanks for your thoughts. Have you actually tried it yet, downloaded the free beta release and checked it out for yourself? Better workflow, fewer clicks and dialog boxes, simpler and cleaner operation, more consistent and integrated, faster time to get things done.

Yes, the previous interface worked but customers who have used CS6 say they have a hard time going back to CS5…. So ultimately the goal of most new features is to make doing important things faster — and the new user interfaces in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro succeed in this regard. You can also grab some chances to win the final Photoshop CS6 for free. I was leaning towards saving some bucks but some features listed here are interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Just make sure you act before the end of this year, before the upgrade discount eligibility for CS3 and CS4 expires. My beauty upgrade Adobe lady arrived before yesterday. My Suite CS5. One can concentrate on work. Besides, with new features so much more can be done. Also, my first designed InDesign pamphlet has already been submitted to printing. My wife is also so excited about InDesign. She learned the basics within a couple of minutes, and could continue to do the work while I was working on photos which we included in the pamphlet.

I have a question. Do I have to install CS5. Hey, great to hear from you again Adam, and thanks for letting us know how it worked out! Sounds like everything is going terrifically, really glad to hear it. Thank you again. It will save me a lot of time. I thought I would have to install CS5. The Photoshop Image Deblur Feature is already available??

Will this deblur app work with Adobe Photoshop CS6 only?? Get the full version of Photoshop CS6 instead, for the perpetual license. The way I understand it, when you purchase Photoshop CS6, you can install it on a desktop and a laptop, but cannot use them both at the same time. However, if one of the computers is a Windows PC and the other is a Mac, you have to pay for two separate versions.

Is that true? Hey there Larry, the answers depends on what you get. If you buy the traditional boxed version of Photoshop, then the licensing and software is for either Windows or Mac OS, but not both. So people that want to run that on both operating systems have bought two licenses, yes. If you get the subscription instead to the latest version of Photoshop currently CS6. The same thing goes if you get the Creative Cloud. If not, what will the CS6 Extended version cost us to download? Welcome Magda, so sorry for the delay in response.

Adobe MAX ran last week and took all of our resources.

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I prefer Photoshop CS6 Extended. I use it and LOVE it! Nice post, very unique content. I had used it for a long time on my Dell PC that I purchased back in I have recently bought Windows 8 and for some reason I can not use this program with my new computer.

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  4. Trial version ended prematurely!
  5. Well, actually, it will run with PhotoShop Image, but not just PhotoShop 7 …is this because its a newer system? Hello… I have never purchased any of the Photoshop CS software… I am finally to the position to do the monthly charge. CS6 is what I have wanted. I plan on using Photoshop to edit photos.

    Such as Wedding, babies and product photography.

    How to Get or Buy Older Adobe Software Versions like CS4 or CS5 | ProDesignTools

    I am not interested in graphic design or 3D. So, I am not sure what to do. Knowing what I am using the software for… Do you have a recommendation? Best-Ever Offer Returns: I am trying to download Photoshop CS 6 for my photography class. What is the new version? Adobe ceased selling CS6 standalone on their website last year. With the CS6 software EOL and end of support, there are no updates, no bug fixes, and no guarantees it will run on future operating systems. So really the only path forward for Adobe is CC, which are considered much better tools as well as more budget-friendly , or downgrade that to use CS6 instead — because Creative Cloud subscribers can choose either or both versions.

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    4. Here's help finding the serial numbers for your Adobe CS software programs!
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    6. With Creative Cloud, all ongoing upgrades, compatibility updates and product additions are always included — so becoming obsolete will never happen. The monthly payments are also more budget-friendly in the new model than in the old CS model — where the software used to cost many hundreds or often thousands of dollars upfront , and never evolved. If you like, you can download a free trial here. Proof ID or registration proof available upon request. I do not want the CC yet, I just want to play around and learn how to work with the software. I need some help, please. That would mean the programmers produce lines of code per hour!

      Typically programmers programming for large systems produce about 30 to 50 lines of code per DAY. Undoubtedly that figure represents the total lines of all code for Photoshop CS6, of which certainly not all lines were new or changed for the release. Let me tell you of my origin. I was a simple boy, growing up on the hard streets. First my fifth dad in the War of , now Tangerine the goldfish, things were really looking down.

      But then there was the properties tab. It gave me an embracing hug and let me know that, even when the edges of life are blurry, you can always turn down that feathering. I cried when I spent all my good boy money on CS5, only to find no properties tab in Window. Thank god for CS6 though but now I have to pay back my second cousin for getting me it: Anon Wow.

      To receive future Adobe discounts and coupon savings directly from ProDesignTools. Thanks for subscribing! Photoshop CS6 vs. See our: Creative Suite 6 Launch Guide Version comparison: Differences between CS5 vs. Do you have any questions about CS6? Still using XP on this old computer. Hey Carey, unfortunately that kind of thing licensing or serial code issues is out of our power to help with… You have to contact Adobe directly. Not sure if they still do that for CS3, but you could try. No questions, just thank you so much for this!

      Really appreciate this! Sure Elaina, happy to help! Glad to hear that, and thanks for letting us know also for the kind words: I wanna know: Is this? And to buy the license? Thanks for any help. Hello Claudya, you need both files on Windows. Make sure both File 1. The files should be in a simple folder not a long or complicated path on the same disk where you want to install the software to, and not on a separate drive. You said you wanted to buy CS4, but Adobe no longer sells it — CS4 is now very dated software 7 years old.

      Adobe still sells CS6 now the last standalone perpetual version from , and also of course the latest release which is CC Those are your two choices. Thanks for the tips! Hope i can, ty. I mean: Yes, you just run the. ProDesignTools Oh yes! It works, ty. Please see our previous comment above about that. Please keep in mind all that we said above though. These are just free day trials, not long term — and if you find any of them offered for sale anywhere, they would almost certainly be fake or scams. This article is outdated. The Adobe store does not have the options to buy the old CS copies anymore.

      The reason is because of its age from spring ; the company stopped releasing updates for it last summer as the newer CC rapidly grew and took over. With the CS6 software EOL and end of support, there are no updates, no bug fixes, and no guarantees it will run on the latest or future operating systems. But which app s? Have been Happily running the CC photo package. Today I upgraded to PS This post was published originally over five years ago… Adobe made the change to the duration of the free trial period last year:.

      Adobe only wants to sell me a limited time renewable licence — i. For more details, check out the Creative Cloud Photography Plan:. Wish we could help, Caroline — but CS6 is over five years old now and is end-of-life software that Adobe no longer sells or supports. Creative Cloud has steadily grown since then with the total number of paid CC subscribers now over 15 million customers. The good news is that, as a student, you likely qualify for a serious discount on Creative Cloud , which the rest of us would be thrilled to get!

      Used to run a small print shop and still have the antique CS4 for design. Well, John said above that he wanted to try to buy Photoshop CS5, without spending hundreds of pounds. But the cost of CS5 a static copy was hundreds of pounds. Ironically, he then added that getting Photoshop CC for under 10 pounds a month seemed expensive.

      Bruce, this ship has sailed.

      The Solution: Order “Prior-Version Software”

      Creative Cloud was launched six years ago last month — and the current offering still looks remarkably like it did back then at its introduction in November You have to hand it to the company for having a different vision and then following it through now with 15 million paid subscribers , despite skeptics. They may have lost some customers, but at the same time gained many new ones because of the far-lower cost of entry than before.

      Finally, regarding volunteer groups — if you happen to need or use Adobe software for a non-profit or charitable organization, then you might want to look into TechSoup for discounts. I am quite sure you are mistaken. Mistaken about what?

      Official statements and verified reports

      That is true. And we shared a link of people who had problems with exactly that… Your mileage may vary, depending on the program and its version, as well as the operating system and its version, and also the hardware and driver support. Apple is notorious for doing this with macOS. To receive future Adobe discounts and coupon savings directly from ProDesignTools. Thanks for subscribing!

      Tips Tags: Comments 44 Leave a comment. February 10th, at February 23rd, at March 21st, at April 9th, at PS — Also wanted to add: June 11th, at No, sorry Eric — CS4 is now ancient by modern software standards 7 years old. June 12th, at June 29th, at July 1st, at July 5th, at August 2nd, at August 1st, at August 14th, at August 19th, at Definitely no authorized retailer would still sell it.