How to make a graph on mac excel 2008

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As soon as the chart is created click on the Charts tab immediately above the chart.

Excel 2008: Create a Chart or Graph

From that tab you can scroll through each of the chart types and make a selection. This image has been simplified to fit the page. Step 5 - Using the Formatting Palette - Several areas on the palette can be used to make changes. Step 6 - Adding a Title and labeling the axes - The Chart Options area can be used to add a Chart Title and to naming the horizontal and vertical axes.

How do I insert a text box in a chart (excel 2011)?

Step 7 - Changing the Chart Style - You may make quick changes to the chart styles or other effects by using the Chart Style area or the Quick Styles and Effects area of the palette. Select a subtype of bar graph from the display on the right, and click Next.

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Make sure that the data range is correct and that Column is selected in the Data Range tab. Click Next. Enter the titles of the chart for the X axis and Y axis.

How to Put Two Graphs Together in Excel on a Mac | Your Business

These titles will appear in the appropriate places on the bar graph. Click the other tabs and make any changes you want.

Click Finish. You've just made a bar graph in Excel. Use the Chart toolbar to make any final adjustments on the bar graph. If the toolbar isn't visible, select View.

Select the Toolbars menu. Select the Chart toolbar.

Create a chart in Word or PowerPoint for Mac

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