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Nueve Canciones de Amor y una de Esperanza. Odio le Hit Estive. Official Releases Series, Discs 8. Psycho le Cemu. Original Album Series. Bill Evans. Original Albums, Vol. Other Life. Ou Sont Passes Nos Reves. Serge Lama. Our Autumn. Oxfam Presents: Stand as One - Live at Glastonbury The same thing happened after the gigs, although that time was more about storytelling. Mehdi loved to spin a narrative and was great at it. Long-winded, full of details but always enthralling. I have memories of time spent with him on literally every continent.

How many times did I call him upon landing, always greeted by the same reply: The same hospitality extended well beyond the realm of DJ gigs. He often invited me on vacations with his family and friends, and I went many times. Mehdi and Fabienne were my only friends who actually knew how to help me relax and stop working.

Fafi would make me put my phone down. He loved to cook for a group. His calamari a la plancha in Biarritz was legendary. Whenever I showed up, whether it be on one of these trips or simply at his Paris apartment, the first thing he would say was: Mehdi was truly the glue to countless friendships. He brought people together and rejoiced in doing so. Last week, as we were all mourning in Paris, my man Lucien said it best: What was beautiful was how Mehdi had a unique relationship with each person he met. What is life without Mehdi?

I see certain faces and I see Mehdi. I close my eyes and I see Mehdi.

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I hear certain songs and I see Mehdi. And of course I hear his own music and I see Mehdi. Although I already miss you more than words can express, I have enough memories to last me a lifetime. I wrote this text on the plane back from Paris a couple of days ago. I first intended it to be a series of personal notes: So here it is, my own personal Mehdipedia entry…. I first met Mehdi over 11 years ago, in the summer of But to properly explain how this improbable encounter even took place, I must rewind to a year or so before.

As some of you may know, in the mid to late 90s, way before Chromeo, I was a hip hop producer in my hometown of Montreal. You can listen to this track here:. One day, I got a call from our Fat Beats label rep and worldwide crate-digging authority Amir, saying something to the effect of: He loves Obscure Disorder. He owned the indie distributor Chronowax, the Fat Beats of France, so to speak.

In our first conversation, he asked me if I had heard of DJ Mehdi. I had no idea who that was. Keep in mind that I had never made beats for anyone outside of Montreal before, so I was thrilled. I was going to spend a few months in the south of France that summer; we agreed to meet then. After graduating from college in , I got a scholarship to study for the summer at a French Literature institute in the southern town of Avignon.

Olivier invited me to come up to Paris for a weekend, crash at his place and get to know his group of friends. When I finally got there and met Olivier in person, we clicked instantly. Olivier was like: Olivier was anxious for me to meet Mehdi, whom he called his brother. We all went to dinner that night.

Mehdi and I talked about sampling. We talked about chopping drums. He was a hip hop nerd, just like myself. But he was way more accomplished: Here it is on Discogs: Yesterday, in Paris, I got a chance to look at that EP again, for the first time in years. All thanks to Mehdi. So what was this project that Olivier wanted me involved with? They came to Montreal in the summer of and I oversaw the mix, producing a track on the record as well.

Mehdi had done two. By then, I was starting to stray away from producing hip hop. Without really knowing what kind of music we were going to make, Pee and I signed a deal with the Montreal-based electronic music label Turbo. But as always, we kept in touch. In the summer of , Pee and I finally had a band name and a handful of songs. Turbo was getting ready to release our first single. Olivier was sending me press clips where Mehdi charted our songs without us even having an album out. And sure enough, as Chronowax worked out a merger with the now defunct mini-major V2, Olivier offered us a record deal for Europe.

Olivier also released a compilation of original songs sampled by Dr Dre, for which Mehdi wrote the liner notes. I really encourage you to read them if you can. He has such a sincere and knowledgeable eloquence, a truly unique prose later exemplified by his Cool Cats blog posts. Around the release of our first album, we were taking a lot of trips to France, where Mehdi introduced Pee and me to a whole network of early supporters of our music, including his best friend and close collaborator Pedro Winter, who is now like family to us. Right around that time, Pedro formed Ed Banger records.

In the summer of , he came with his girlfriend Fabienne, who was pregnant with their son. I recall that afternoon as being particularly happy and carefree, with Memed showing me his recently completed Lucky Boy tattoo. That was going to be the title of his upcoming album for Ed Banger. That same summer, he asked me if we would remix the first single. Instead, we wrote a song to it and recorded the vocals in a Los Angeles motel room during the fall of Meanwhile, Pee and I were working on our own sophomore LP. With almost half of the album done, I moved to Paris for a year in the fall of on a French Literature scholarship.

Behind the decks, the friend whom I had thus far only known as a producer absolutely blew my mind. Not only with the impeccable tastefulness and precision of his mixes, but also with his posture and aura. His inimitable dance, his concentrated and contagious smile. Surely many of you are familiar with what I can barely find the words to describe here.

In the following months, Mehdi invited me to do a few tag team DJ sets with him and each time, as I was watching him go, all I could think of was: I immediately recommended Mehdi. The second they started talking, it was as if I no longer was in the room. Before my eyes, one of the most beautiful friendships I have ever witnessed was born.

He stole the show, and not only because of the pink sweater he was wearing! During our animated family discussions, he jokingly refuted every single point I was trying to make, charming everyone with his customary poise. My parents were smiling. Together, we ushered in the year that Mehdi wanted to get tattooed on his arm: When I came back to Paris, the city was buzzing. Ed Banger had become the most important record label in music. Justice were getting ready to unleash their debut album, and Pee and I also had to complete ours.

I would update Mehdi regularly and get his feedback throughout the entire process. One night, he came to my apartment to hear the last songs we had completed. I like it because it showcases his distinctive drum programming:. From on, we all became full-time touring musicians. Every few hours during the last couple of days, another dinner, another joint gig, another chance meeting has come to my mind.

I remember all of us together at Coachella , one of the biggest moments in our careers. I remember him DJing at our biggest headline show that year: He was like: They went on tour together, played countless back to back DJ sets, even traded apartments for a couple of months. Memed was no longer just my homie: Alain would go on vacation with him and his family.

There is no possible way to express how grateful we are for this. Trips to Paris without a dinner at his place were an anomaly. Pee and I used to refer to him and Alain as the honorary members of our band. Our Billy Prestons. Naturally, when it came time to mix down our third album in Paris, Mehdi was the first one we invited to the studio.