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Why is this necessary? Using Bcc is a favorite technique of spammers. Therefore, many junk email filters flag messages that use the Bcc box as junk. So if your intended recipient has not added your name to the Safe Senders List in Microsoft Outlook, your message may go straight to the Junk email folder or its equivalent.


OS X Mail: Tips on Sending to Groups

Because their rules depend on the name of the distribution list being in the To box or Cc box, your message will not be sorted according to their rules. For example, your email service provider may limit each message to a maximum of email addresses. If these addresses are distributed among the To , Cc , and Bcc boxes, remember that the names in the Bcc box will count toward your total limit. Ask your email service provider about the policies for your account. For example, if you send a job announcement to multiple people, you may want to use Bcc to keep the identities of the potential job seekers private.

Consider using mail merge in Microsoft Office Word as an alternative to Bcc. With mail merge, you can quickly send the same email message to individual recipients. Mail merge allows you to do a mass mailing with just one name in the To box of the message. Suppose you send a message with a large number of people listed in the To box. The discussion starts to get lively, and everyone wants to give an opinion.

The number of messages increases drastically because many recipients reply with the sentiment "please stop replying all to this message. One way to curb the use of the Reply to All option is to respond and put the name of the distribution list in the Bcc box. For example, you can click Reply , put only your name in the To box, move the distribution list to the Bcc box, and write a message similar to the following:. Keep in mind that only email addresses that you have sent something to be will be shown here, making this different from the contact suggestions feature in Mail for Mac which actually scans email messages for potential contact information.

Entries in this list can be deleted by selecting them and hitting the delete key, or by clicking the Remove from List button. This is not recommended for most situations, but it may be helpful to some users. If the Previous Recipients list has not been cleared, then the list is persistent, even if the emails themselves have been cleared out of the inbox. This can make the list very helpful to uncover a long lost email address of someone, figuring out when the last time someone was emailed, and many other uses as well.

This also has obvious potential for access and information recovery in security situations and forensic environments, making that something to keep in mind for some Mac users as well. On that final note, for users concerned about any potential privacy implications of someone snooping around their email contacts, the best protection would be to password protect a Mac when away with a locked screen saver , use Filevault disk encryption , and encrypt the Time Machine backups as well.

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You will then only receive suggestions about entries you have in your contacts list — which are, theoretically, all correct addresses, with no typos!

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I deleted previous recipients but some of them still show as options when I type the name of a person. I am guessing that it takes if from Contacts if the person is in there. Yes, and some savvy spammers also know how to gain admission to this list. There are things that irk me greatly about Apple Mail and this is one of them.


Well, first of all spam is always unsolicited, it does not let people to unsubscribe from it, and it always advertises something or offers some kind of scam. Normal bulk email is never unsolicited. People wilfully subscribe, and can unsubscribe at any moment.


Good bulk email messages rarely advertise something directly. They are usually informative e-magazines, e-courses, e-books, notifications, updates, newsletters and reports , or provide subscribers with special offers, discounts and money saving opportunities. So, in short, good bulk email messages are beneficial to people who receive them as well as for those who send them. Spam is always beneficial for sender, and is most likely a trap for the receiver.

There are several things you should consider before going ahead. You need to:. You can use Mac Mail to send bulk email to small lists of up to several hundred people. And here is how you can do it:. When you send bulk email Mac Mail will simply send the entire message with email list to your mail server.

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It does not mean that the message will immediately pop up in mailboxes of your subscribers. This is how it works. The second option is to use any good third-party mass mailer for Mac to send bulk email messages. It will require you to buy a mass mailer that will do the job. Mass mailers are not expensive, and you can get one for less than a hundred dollars.

I use MacMassMailer to send bulk email Mac.

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So MacMassMailer is my best choice. So conclusion here is, if you need to send bulk email from your Mac, consider buying MacMassMailer, even if your list is still small. Using Mac Mail can also be dangerous. You should never do that ever!

Adding Cc and Bcc recipients to your message | Direct Mail

With Mac Mail you have to manually add new people in Address Book when they subscribe to your list, and you have to manually remove the ones who wish to unsubscribe. Every time you get bad email addresses, you have to go to Address Book and manually remove them, which is a big head ache. You click on the Un Subscribe button, MacMassMailer checks your website for subscribe and unsubscribe requests, and updates your email list automatically. It also automatically removes people with bad email addresses from your email lists.

You can download MacMassMailer by clicking on this big button: