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Bethany , Jul 24, I have a new iMac and I am using the beta. My mouse has no right button. I would usually just use control button then click the mouse to right click like a pc. Don't know how to deal with a one-button mouse, sorry.

Let's Play: Terraria: Episode 2 - Opening the Chest

My pointing devices tend to bristle with clickable gizzies. I recommend joining the beta social group if you haven't done, and asking in that sub-forum. I got this, guys, I got this. Go to System Preferences. It should be on the toolbar on the bottom. Go to mouse preferences, and you'll find an option that enables right-click if you click on the right side of the mouse.

Bethany , Jul 25, So what if you change the right one to actual "right click"? Thanks man I just figured that out too. Once you're back in the world, select the crafting table, with your mouse, or with one of the hotkeys, and left click to plop it down on a flat bit of ground. You'll find yourself interrupted constantly by Slimes. They hop around the surface in daylight hours, generally making a nuisance of themselves. They're as useful as they are irritating. Bludgeon them to death with your pickaxe it has a faster swing and is more effective than a wooden sword against annoying hopping enemies like slimes.

Dead slimes drop flammable gel and money. Gel can be combined with wood to create torches, invaluable for the cave exploring we'll be doing later on. If you're worried about all the mass deforestation you're doing, you can plant acorns gathered from chopped trees.


Given time, they will grow into a new forest. If you open up your inventory while standing near your new crafting table you'll be able to craft more advanced items. Before you start building, make sure you have lots and lots of wood.

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All of your starting items will be made out of the stuff. First, craft a sword and a hammer. Then, craft lots and lots of "wood wall" blocks. A safe structure in Terraria must have a background wall. Placing wood walls on the landscape will create a wood panel backdrop.

Once enclosed, this will stop monsters from spawning inside your house.

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You can place unprocessed wood directly onto the landscape to build walls. Create a rectangular background as big as you can, and then wall it off with wood blocks. If you build walls using dirt blocks, it won't count as a home, and you'll have plenty of awkward night time encounters with zombies appearing in your bedroom. Also note that your structure won't count if its frame is narrower than 10 blocks, or shorter than eight. Next, craft a couple of doors. Use your axe to gouge three block high gaps at each end of your structure, and plant a door in each one.

Doors can be opened and closed with a quick right click. When closed, they'll keep any creature out, unless there's a blood moon in the sky. There are two ways of telling whether there's a blood moon out. The first is the colour of the moon itself, the second will be the zombie apocalypse erupting around you. Blood moon creatures can smash through doors. Your best bet in that circumstance is to hole yourself up in a corner, swinging wildly at the forces of darkness with your best weapon. Pressing down when standing on a wood platform will let you drop down safely to the floor below.

Finally, craft a few torches, assign them to your taskbar, and plant them on the walls with a quick left click. Voila, you have a house! Later, friendly NPCs will move into abodes, if they're big enough, well lit, and have a table and chairs inside. Different NPCs will move in when different criteria are met. Once you have fifty silver coins, a merchant will appear. If you discover a crystal heart undergound, smash it and then activate it, a nurse will move in.

Check out the Terraria wiki for more information on the different NPCs. Your next focus should be stone. It's an extremely common material, and you're likely to find outcrops of the stuff on the surface.

Wander for a few minutes in either direction and you should find enough to let you craft a furnace. You'll need 20 stone, 4 wood and 3 torches to make one. You can place it in the environment in the same way as a crafting bench. With a furnace in your home, you'll be able to smelt more precious ores like iron, gold and silver.

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Now you've got a base of operations, the exploration can begin. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Terraria for PC. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. You can enable Hard Mode by killing the Wall of Flesh. To summon him, throw a guide doll into lava.

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Once you slay the Wall of Flesh , Hard Mode is permanently enabled and cannot be disabled on the file unless you modify it with a third-party program. In Hard Mode, a new biome The Hallow is created, and you will encounter new bosses, items , and monsters. Equip the gold helmet, a frost chest plate, and frost leggings, with black and blue flame dye on all armor pieces. You will receive special vanity effects, which is a reference to Red's armor as depicted in the 1. Open 2 copies of Terraria. Log into a world with the character that has the items you want to duplicate.

If they are in a chest , get them from the chest and save and exit, then log back into the same world. Login as the SAME character on a different world. On the first character, put whatever you want into a chest, then save and exit. On the second character, save and exit from that world, then log into the other world that has the item in the chest and grab the item. Now you should have the item in your inventory , and a copy would be in the chest. You can repeat but remember to save and exit, THEN try it again as it wot work in one long run.

In single player mode, get a music box and 2 wooden platforms. Place the platforms 2 squares from your house's roof.