Installing mysql mac os x lion

Then, with your MYSql server running, try running the mysqladmin program from your home directory. Last login: Sun Mar 24 The book says: Obviously after that last message I don't get this. It did work!

Installation of MySQL server on Mac OS X Lion

What you did in your first step was adding the route where MySQL is installed to your computer's path. Most of the time, when you use a program from the prompt window, you will have to move to the directory where the executable file of that program is. As an example, if you want to open Microsoft Word from the prompt window, you will have to move to the folder where MSWord. By adding the folder route to the path variable, it doesn't matter which folder you're seeing in your prompt screen, as soons as you type the exectable file, the program or service will start.

For the installation of PHP my admin, the book sends you to www. I don't understand that site. So I followed instructions from this website: There it says that when installing MySQl one should have chosen a username and password.

How to install MySQL 5.5 on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

The book doesn't mention this. So I follow their link back to MySql install here: The first time it was working, but after going back to phpmyadmin something changed.

I tried the install again and I get:. Wed Apr 10 No such file or directory Carolinas-MacBook-Pro: It's very annoying when a manual doesn't mention important points.

Dirty ways to get Around with Django Python Web Framework

Why didn't the author didn't add just one more page to do the install for phpmyadmin??? I found a solution using Homebrew: If you're still reading this: And maybe get some upvotes too; be sure to use arjan if you're replying! Set up MySQL root password: JakeGould Installing MySQL5.

It says that I have a newer version of MySQL installed on my machine, even though I have completely wiped it off my machine with the instructions found on stackoverflow.

I actually found a solution, going to post it in case someone runs into the same problem. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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