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Other features may be missing as well. These install instructions are verified to allow the October 04, binary for Octave 3.

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They do not work for MacOS There is an experimental dmg for Octave 4. See the bottom of this mailing list discussion. Testers are very welcome. Click on this link to download. Once it has been downloaded, double-click on the dmg to mount the disk image. It is recommended that Gnuplot is installed prior to Octave. Instead you could install a Gnuplot binary from http: Or you could try using MacPorts to install Gnuplot. Look in the 'Extras' folder and find the gnuplot Double-click this dmg to mount the gnuplot disk image.

gnuplot with AquaTerm on OSX Snow Leopard

On this disk is the OS X binary for Gnuplot. The Gnuplot package includes and relies on Aquaterm for displaying plots using Apple's Quartz graphics layer.

Alternatively, X11 can be used. If your entire data set is easily visible and you do not need to zoom in, you may prefer the pleasant anti-aliasing features of Quartz and Aquaterm. On the other hand, if your data set is too large or complicated to be easily visible, you may prefer to use X11, which allows you to zoom in and out of regions, set crosshairs at points, and other more advanced features.

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Aquaterm is the default, but you can change the default to X11 by creating a file called. Before start to compile and install it you need to install the ReadLine lib for gnuplot. In this file, it mentions two ways to install the ReadLine lib, one is to override the mac os one, while another is install it in your personal space and specify the path to gnuplot installation. I chose the second one. To download the latest ReadLine lib source, click here: Thanks a lot!

macos - Installing gnuplot on Mountain Lion fails - Stack Overflow

You should submit a bug patch in brew or macports or both! You might be the type who likes to compile packages your self, then this info is not useful. However, if you have homebrew installed http: Thank you. This is very helpful!

Installing MacOS X Bundle

Can you help me? You need to install Aquaterm — http: Thanks for this post; currently the steps are: Download and install Xcode command line tools from Apple developer site. Run X11 in Utilities since gnuplot needs X11 to display graphs. Permission denied make[3]: It seems you did not have a permission to run the command. Thanks bhou for your tutorial!

I wonder if I need to have Xcode installed to execute the commans you indicate?

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Thanks you saved me much time and my employer some money. And the gnuplot installed. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Skip to content. Share this: Like this: Like Loading I got 2 error messages, but eventually gnuplot worked! If i want to start gnuplot, terminal says:

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