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How can it be? Can you fix it?

FAQ: How to I change the default language in Word for Mac? [Word 2011]

Does someone have the same problem and maybe some fix? Thanks in advance. On behalf of the team, we wanted to first thank you all for your feedback. As many of you have reported, when we switched over to using the new editor for Outlook , we lost the ability to detect languages automatically. If you are an Office Insider, you might have noticed that this feature is turned on in version Please note that some Insiders have had trouble seeing this feature and this will be resolved in upcoming Lastly, after updating, you may notice that enabling this feature has a different workflow from the previous mail editor.

We really appreciate your patience as we rolled this out. We love reading your feedback and how you use our products. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help.

Outlook for Mac - Automatic language detection - spelling check on multiple languages

I need to use English and Spanish and it was not working for me. The correct text encoding setting is Other encoding: Unicode 5. When you create a new custom dictionary, Office for Mac automatically begins using it to check spelling. Import a custom dictionary in Word. The Custom Dictionaries dialog box in Word lists the available custom dictionaries the application can use to check spelling.

If the dictionary that you want to use — for example, one that you purchased from a third-party company — is installed on your computer but not listed in the Dictionary list box, you can add it.

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Click Add , and then locate and double-click the custom dictionary that you want to import. If the custom dictionary doesn't have a file name extension of. Add, delete, or edit words in a custom dictionary in Word.

You can edit a custom dictionary in Word. You can change words that are in the dictionary, or add more words.

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When you edit a custom dictionary, however, Word does not automatically begin using it; you must select it. The revised version of the dictionary is available in all Office applications. Click the name of the dictionary that you want to edit, and then click Edit. If you see a message that Word stops checking spelling when you edit the dictionary, click OK , and then if you see the File Conversion - Custom Dictionary dialog box, click OK. In the dictionary file, make any changes that you want, and then on the File menu, click Save.

You must type each word that you add on a separate line. Change the language that is associated with a custom dictionary.

Word:mac - Language Support

In case of Word , go to Review tab, then to Set language , and then to the language of your choice English. I think that should fix it. Word tries detecting the language as you type.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

This works fairly well when you got like 5 to ten words minimum and eventually provides you with correct spell-checking even in multi-lingual documents. Word switches the language based on the input language. I have Polish installed as input language, along with the proper keyboard layout and when I switch to that in Word I get spell-checking in the correct language. The easiest immediate fix is probably to select all, then click the language in the status bar and select English. It might be that your default style is set to French for whichever reason; that usually doesn't happen automatically ; you may want to set the language there too.

I encountered in PPT where I was typing text in and suddenly normal words, such as "your" and "windows", were being highlighted as being incorrect. I right-clicked on the misspelled words and the spelling showed what I beleive was French spelling. I looked at the main dictionary and English was selected. The wording that was marked as incorrect was now correct. I can only guess that I had accidently hit a key combination while typing that forced a different dictionary.

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