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But today, the term "omnichannel" seems to have almost as many definitions as the number of players in the marketplace. Article Figures Which omnichannel capabilities do you currently enable?

Enlarge this image Which of the following technologies do you currently use as part of your omnichannel initiative? Enlarge this image How do you recover supply chain costs?

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Enlarge this image What percentage of your direct retail revenue comes from each channel? Enlarge this image. Respondents answered 32 questions about their approach to meeting current challenges in omnichannel commerce, with a focus on order fulfillment and, especially, the changing role of the retail store in helping companies deal with a surging tide of online orders.

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For more information on the study, see the sidebar. ARC analyst Chris Cunnane oversaw the research and compiled the results. The study explored current challenges in omnichannel commerce,with a focus on order fulfillment and, especially, the changing role of the retail store. Respondents included logistics professionals from a variety of industry verticals, who submitted answers during July and August As for the demographic breakdown, the majority 60 percent of respondents sold goods through a combination of direct and indirect sales channels.

Another 30 percent sold merchandise through direct retail only, and the remaining 10 percent through indirect sales channels only. A report containing a more detailed examination of the omnichannel survey results is available from ARC. For order information, visit https: The survey revealed that retailers deploy a broad spectrum of cross-channel tactics to support sales in today's challenging omnichannel environment from "order at store, fulfill from a warehouse or another store " to "return to store, even when goods are ordered online.

The survey also looked at what particular tools respondents rely on to get those jobs done. The data showed that the most common technologies or applications currently used by respondents as part of their omnichannel initiatives are warehouse management systems 80 percent , transportation management systems 76 percent , and total-landed-cost analytics 61 percent. See Figure 2 for the complete list.

The respondents are also taking a variety of actions to recover the supply chain costs associated with fulfilling omnichannel orders. The numbers show that the most common approach is to collect fees for expedited delivery, cited by 51 percent of survey-takers. Next on the list was charging delivery fees for all orders 40 percent , followed by collecting fees for returns shipments 28 percent. See Figure 3. Even with these efforts to recover costs, retailers' investments in their omnichannel capabilities which include software, hardware, training, and shipping, among others add up to serious money.

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So, what's motivating companies to continue adding tiles to the omnichannel mosaic? Respondents said the top four reasons they were participating in omnichannel commerce or intending to do so were: Over the past few years, there has been increasing attention paid to the practice of using store inventory to fulfill e-commerce orders. In response to this growing trend, this year's survey took a particularly close look at the role of the store in omnichannel fulfillment. While some major retailers, such as Walmart and Best Buy, are certainly using stores in this capacity, the survey found that the majority of e-commerce orders are still being filled from distribution centers.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they were fulfilling at least some of their orders through a traditional DC that also handles e-commerce. Thirty-nine percent said items were shipped directly from the manufacturer or supplier, and 32 percent said they filled orders through a web-only DC. Jorge Polanco, Max Kepler. College baseball: Scholastica and Bethany Lutheran College, which ended the Saints' dominant run in the UMAC a year ago, were selected as league co-favorites this season, according to the preseason coaches' poll announced Thursday.

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