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Jan 3, See this article macOS Sierra: Folders that come with your Mac. Many of these folders have special uses and are necessary for your Mac to function correctly.

Move Your Mac's Home Folder to a New Location

Jan 3, 4: For the sake of discussion, only two folders within 'Home' will moved 'Documents' and 'Pictures'. Next, rename the original 'Documents' and 'Pictures' folders to something like 'Documents2' and 'Pictures2'. Next, on the SD card, highlight the 'Documents' and 'Pictures' folders.

Hold down option and command, then drag back to the 'Home' folder on the internal drive.

How To Move or Rename Your Mac Home Folder [MacRx] | Cult of Mac

These will create aliases. In certain applications e. Photos , you may have to set their preferences to point at the real files now stored on the SD card. Though its possible it will work through the alias.


Finally, once everything is working with the SD card's files, and you have a separate backup of the original files, you can safely delete those on the internal drive Documents2, Pictures2 to free up space. This is a common setup for servers and can also be used on any system where you want to keep things separate, such as having the Operating System and Applications on a Solid State Drive and the user data on a larger but slower hard disk drive.

As above, log out of the account to be changed and log in to a second admin account. In the Advanced dialog box leave the account name as is bobsmith but change the location of the Home directory. Using the Finder create a folder named Users on the Employees drive.

How to find your Mac's Home folder (and add it to Finder)

Then, change the Home directory entry as follows:. Correct entry and spelling of this data is critical. Verify there are no typos, then click OK to save these changes. Terminal is your next step, and this time the files will actually be moved between the two hard drives. Open Terminal and at the command prompt type:.

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Enter your admin account password when prompted, then hit Return. This operation may take some time depending on how much data has to be moved, do not interrupt the process or use the Mac for other tasks while this is happening. When the copy is complete you will see a new command line prompt appear in the Terminal window.

Your Home folder doesn't have to be on your startup drive

Verify that the folder has actually moved to the new drive, then restart the Mac and you should be good to go. ChangeShortName is a freeware utility by Dan Frakes which automates changing the username via a series of pre-configured terminal scripts. As above, log out of the user account to be changed and make changes from a second admin account on the Mac.

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