How to unblock websites on safari mac

Type the command line below and hit Enter:. Then, you certainly will be asked about administrator password of your Mac.

Change Websites preferences in Safari on Mac

Step 3: Once you type enter the password successfully, the hosts file will be opened by Terminal. Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Now, go to the URLs or Sites that you have blocked. If you have already edited the hosts file correctly, you should not be able to access that URL and Site address. You can easily use the built-in Parental Controls on MacOS to block user accounts directly from accessing to some websites. This will explains how you can block websites by using Parental Controls in detail.

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  2. 3 Ways to Block and Unblock Internet Sites (On a Mac) - wikiHow.
  3. How to Block/Unblock Websites on a Mac Using Terminal and App.

Step 1: Create an individual User Account for your children. Select Parental Controls icon. Then select the Lock icon displayed at the end of the window. Select the Lock icon, you will certainly be asked to type in the password of Mac. Click on to Unlock. Then select the User account which you need to lock.

How To Access Blocked Websites On A Mac - MacInfo

Choose Web tab and select Try to limit adult websites automatically and click on Customize… button. Step 8: SelfControl is a totally free and open-source app for MacOS which allows you block your own access to sidetracking sites, your webmail, or something else on the web.

It enables you to block a specific website or websites for a particular amount of time. Please note that some of these methods may not work in some countries, such as Mainland China, due to their particularly advanced censorship implementations that block services used to get around the blocks. By far the easiest way to get around a blocked website on your Mac is to use a free online proxy.

How to Unblock Sites On my Mac/or Laptop

Because they are free many web proxies are loaded with intrusive banner ads and pop-ups, which can ruin your browsing experience. On its homepage which looks very similar to Google, just type the URL you want to view to experience fast, ad-free browsing. If all you want to do is browse FaceBook at school or porn at work, then this service is what you need. Like Highwayproxy, you simply type in a URL to visit it via the speedy proxy. This is useful if you want to visit a website available only to Americans or only to Britons, and do no live in the respective nation.

Adblock Detected

If you want to unblock websites such as Hulu or the BBC iPlayer, Hola is an extension you might want to consider installing. Free, fast and extremely easy to set up, Hola is a proxy that works by routing your Internet traffic through the computers of other Hola users.

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