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How To Print Screen On A Mac or Macbook Pro Keyboard Running Windows

You can use Grab to take screenshots. Very nice and helpful. I think these built-in options work a bit easier on Windows OS as you can see here: Subscribe Search. Categorized under Mac OS X. Do a print screen on Mac OS X computer with a simple shortcut. July 13, at 7: Anonymous says: July 24, at 3: July 31, at 9: Lin says: August 2, at 3: August 3, at 3: August 13, at 1: August 22, at 5: August 26, at Kim says: September 23, at 7: September 4, at 2: September 9, at 6: September 10, at 9: Linda says: September 11, at 3: September 13, at September 17, at 7: Karik says: Tony Tran says: September 18, at September 19, at 8: September 19, at September 23, at 8: September 26, at 7: October 9, at 5: Atish Ranjan says: October 9, at 9: October 10, at 6: October 13, at October 24, at 5: Karen K says: Peter says: It's free and there is also portable version available.

I found this very useful, because it's let me to choose regions etc. On a Windows machine, the Clear key is often num-lock. Help may be Insert. The on screen keyboard is the only way to access them. Screen Clipper will then ask Copy to Clipboard or One-note. Choose Copy to Clipboard.

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I just found this forum cause I needed to do this and I just happened to try F13 after something I read here inspired me to do so. The PC belongs to my customer so I don't want to buy Snag-it for it I was unaware of Greenshot until a few days ago. I downloaded Greenshot a couple days ago, so I've used it exactly 3 times so far and those 3 screen caps are uploaded here. Because I don't have a 'print-screen' key and that's what lead me here.

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It appears that Greenshot hot-key combo's are configurable but all those key combo's work for me because my F13 invokes the PC's 'Prt-scrn' key. And finally a couple of Mac full screen caps emailed to PC again showing the Mac's whole screen with the Greenshot cross hairs waiting for me to select a screen section on the PC as I finished writing this. This would have been way cooler if I could have easily recorded it in video Mac's full screen as I work. RDP window center stage.

If Greenshot really is as configurable as that menu suggests then I would expect anyone to be able to map a hot-key combo that would suite them. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Windows print screen with Mac Keyboard Ask Question. Cliff Cliff 1 2 9.

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Have you tried the OS X way? I'm not running OSX. I'm plugged into an actual Windows box with a Mac Keyboard.

How to Print Screen to a File on the Desktop in Mac OS X

That said, I just tried Cmd-Shift-3 to see if it would screen print to my clip board and it didn't. Donut Donut 5 9.

How To Use Windows Print Screen Key On Your Mac In Boot Camp

This might work! Thanx, though I'd really like a driver or something that would enable the numpad and the insert key. This is what works for me: F14 copies the entire screen to the clipboard. JoshP 2, 2 17 Doesn't work for me on Win 8.

How to Screenshot On Mac [3 Different Ways]

Doesn't work for me on Windows 7. For me F13 works to start Snagit running in Windows Citrix session. Yes, but my question was regarding an Apple keyboard plugged into a physical Windows machine. Where's FN on a Mac keyboard?

How To Use Windows Print Screen Key On Your Mac In Boot Camp

Sakari Niittymaa Sakari Niittymaa 31 3. It would help to know what model of keyboard you had! Model A is this one: Coxy Coxy 1, 8 8. It says on the back of the keyboard, "Keyboard". Kinda like the generic cereal the supermarket. It's one of those white keyboards in a clear plastic casing.